3 Examples of Prayers To Not Be Pregnant

Prayer is an ancient practice of expressing devotion and intentions that many believe can lead to tangible effects. One common prayer request is to prevent or undo a pregnancy, so individuals may turn to prayers for aid in this situation. Here are three examples of such prayers.

  1. Dear God, please protect me from unwanted pregnancy and grant me the wisdom to make responsible decisions regarding my reproductive health.
  2. Heavenly Father, I humbly ask that you keep me safe from the physical and emotional burden of an unplanned pregnancy.
  3. Lord, I thank you for providing me with the knowledge and strength to make informed choices about my sexual health and reproductive freedom.

The first prayer is one asking the Virgin Mary for help with avoiding pregnancy. The person praying acknowledges Mary’s role as the mother of Jesus, imploring her divine power to intervene on their behalf and provide protection from conception. This prayer often concludes with an assurance that the petitioner will be forever thankful if their wish is granted.

Another popular prayer involves calling upon St Gerard Majella, also known as Gerardine, who was widely venerated as a saint throughout Europe during the 18th century.

Gerardine was a Franciscan priest who had developed a reputation for miracles and healing, and was known to have performed several “miracle pregnancies”. The third example is a prayer calling on St Benedict to help prevent pregnancy. Benedict is the patron saint of unmarried women and he is believed to have been given the gift of preventing pregnancy by God.

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