Dead Know We Miss And Love Them [All You Need To Know]

We all have that one question in the back of our minds, “Do the dead know we miss them?”. Have they found out how much we love them? Do they feel it? And if so, do they care? What does this mean for us when someone dies? How can you cope with their death without feeling guilty for moving on in life while still missing them deeply every day? 

This blog post will explore the question: “Do the dead know we miss and love them“?

Do the dead know we miss and love them- biblical meaning

With the biblical evidence, there are two possible answers to this question. According to the Bible, it’s either that the dead do not know what happens in our lives or how much we love and miss them because they are dead, or they do know but are happy where they are at now (in heaven) and are sad to see us sad.

If the dead do not know what happens on earth, then we should not feel guilty about it. It would be as if they never existed, because to those in heaven everything that has happened on earth has already passed and is of no importance anymore. They basically don’t know anything and can’t see anything, and so cannot miss anything. This is what leads to the conclusion that we should not feel guilty about continuing our lives after their death.

So, according to the bible, it is possible that that the dead know we miss and love them.

Do the dead know we miss and love them- spiritual meaning

Yes, from a spiritual point of view, the dead know we miss and love them. They watch us and yes they know we miss them and that we love them. And even more: the love we feel for our loved ones who have passed on is one of the most powerful things in this universe. It’s something that can be felt strongly by those who have passed, as well as those who are still here.

Death is not the end to your loved one’s connection with you. They still care about you and want to help and guide you, but there’s a difficulty: on this side of life, they cannot express themselves as easily as before. They no longer have a physical form that can give voice to their thoughts and feelings.

What they do have is the ability to communicate with pure energy, as a kind of vibration. They can’t produce physical sounds anymore so they don’t even try. Instead, they focus their thoughts and feelings into ‘energy words’ that only those who are sensitive enough can understand.

The souls on the other side need all our help and encouragement because it takes a lot of energy to send these messages, and the less contact we have with them, the more difficult it is. Sometimes they can slip through very quickly but often they have to wait a long time for someone who listens and who knows what they’re talking about.

Do the dead know we miss and love them- Judaism meaning

Judaism takes a very positive view of the afterlife. The dead know we miss and love them. It teaches that upon death the soul departs from the body, to stand in judgment before God with all those who have died in their earthly lives – prophets, parents, loved ones, strangers alike. Soul standing before God means accountability for deeds performed in the body. It is clear that reward and punishment must follow.

This represents a sharp break with pagan Egyptian views of death, according to which the dead had no hope of any afterlife except in some shadowy kingdom of Osiris where happiness was still attainable by some. Judaism teaches that God will find some way to communicate His judgment (Sheol ) to the souls in Sheol so that even the dead will wonder about their judgment.

It is not clear to what extent this communication with God can take place when souls are in a completely different state of being from that which they knew on Earth. The rabbis teach that each soul has within itself an “agency” through which it hears, sees, feels pain, and rejoices.

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This agency is perhaps similar to the “Nefesh” (“vitality”) of the body in life, which continues after death according to some views (see Rashi on Genesis 35:18). Prayers for souls are regarded by the rabbis as very important, especially in order to give rest to the souls of the departed and to ease their suffering in Gehenna. The Zohar states that prayers for the dead improve their lot in the afterlife.

In contemporary Jewish practice, a custom exists of reciting Kaddish for 11 months following the death of a parent or spouse. In this context, “soul” means the essence of a person, which lives on after the death of the body. This belief is reinforced by Kabbalah, which teaches that one’s Nefesh does not enter Gan Eden until a year after death when it is perfected. The Book of Zohar states “Truly the soul leaves here full of woes and goes away full of song.”

The view in Judaism is that God is the sole Creator and Judge of all people, who rewards everyone according to his/her deeds. Whether or not this reward takes place on earth (Gan Eden and Gehinnom), whether it will be sooner or later, and whether everyone will reach the same spiritual level, are all controversial questions.

Do the dead know we miss and love them- Kabbalah meaning

Do the dead know we miss and love them? According to Kabbalah, the answer is Yes.

Death doesn’t change your feelings toward someone. It merely intensifies them. Your attachment to that person did not end with their physical demise, but now they’re not around to be hurt by it.

The soul of the person who died is aware of your thoughts on them. This is not theory or ‘channeled’ information, but has been experienced over millennia by the Kabbalists in all their meditations and workings with the upper worlds.

What your loved ones are sensitive to are your actions after their death. They don’t want you to feel guilty about moving on, but they’ll see if you start to replace them.

If someone is constantly present in your thoughts and feelings, no matter how strong the other relationships in your life might be, then that person is not respected or valued by you. If they knew about it, their soul would likely feel hurt.

Do the dead know we miss and love them- Christianity meaning

Christianity’s teachings generally support the belief that people who pass away are aware of their loved ones’ lives, but are free from worldly concerns. We really expect to see our dear friends soon, because we are full of joy.

We may have to be separated from each other for a little while through death, but then we will certainly see each other again when Jesus returns.”

The answer is that the dead do know that we love and miss them, but they are more interested in hearing about Jesus than anything else. You may wonder how this can be so since they’re not here to witness the world’s events. The answer is found by turning back to 1 Corinthians 2:9-10, “However, as it is written: ‘What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, Nor the heart of man imagined, What God has prepared for those who love him.”

The dead are aware that their loved ones existing in this world are living lives worth loving. They’re not particularly interested in hearing about how difficult things are here though since they have entered into a realm of perfect peace and love.

We can pray for the dead, but we should focus on praying for their salvation so that they will get to Heaven more quickly. We do not need to be sad or afraid of death, since it is a necessary part of life and leads to eternal life in Heaven. Those who have died, however, are no longer in need of prayer, since they are no longer suffering.

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Can the deceased send messages?

You might be wondering at this point: how do I know if my loved one is trying to send me a message? There are several means of communication, all of which can help you experience the love and comfort that comes from this unseen yet unmistakable source.

  • Emotional messages– when your loved one tries to communicate with you in an emotional way, perhaps by causing memories or feelings to surface out of the blue, then this is one of the ways they get your attention. Emotional messages are very important because what they’re saying to you might be something you’ve been going over and over in your head without being able to make sense of it, but when you allow yourself to notice the feeling that’s connected with this thought or memory, suddenly a light switch goes on and you get the message.
  • Spiritual messages– this is when you notice that what someone says or does, or a coincidence that happens to you, suddenly makes sense in some way. This feeling of ‘this had to happen’ can be felt very strongly sometimes. Quite often though it’s more subtle than that- perhaps something will catch your eye and you’ll know without knowing how that it’s a sign from the other side.
  • Visual messages– often when we want to get someone’s attention we might send them a picture of what we’re thinking about. In the same way, our loved ones on the other side can send us pictures, usually in dreams or meditation but sometimes in our waking state.
  • Hearing messages– when we’re trying to get someone’s attention and we know they’re there and that they can hear us, we might shout out, this is what loved ones on the other side do too. They may shout out your name especially if they’ve been trying to get through for a long time.

Can you feel a dead person’s presence?

Yes, you can feel a dead person’s presence in several ways:

You hear your loved one’s name being called out quite often, or other words or names that aren’t familiar to you but which hold some sort of meaning for the two of you.

You have a strong, recurring dream that your loved one is trying to send you a message about. There may be a symbolic element in this dream, or it might just be very clear. You’re conscious of the presence of spirit- something rustling the curtains perhaps, or a book falling off a shelf for no reason. You find yourself repeating the same phrase over and over. This may be a word, or a sentence- maybe your loved one is trying to tell you something through this repeated message.

You notice that objects in your surroundings seem to have been moved around. Perhaps there’s a particular picture on the wall which has changed position, or the light has been turned on even though you know it wasn’t just now. These are all signs that loved ones are reaching out to communicate with you.

You’ll feel a sudden rush of love or peace which feels like it has no obvious cause, and there’s a feeling of having been hugged by someone who isn’t there physically- this big cuddle comes from your loved one and tells you that they’re trying to communicate with you right now.

Your loved one may appear in your dreams and speak to you. If this is something that happens regularly, then it’s a certain sign that spirit is there and trying to get through so don’t ignore any such signs.

You feel as though someone has walked over your grave. This is a sudden feeling of chills or other unpleasant sensations which may be accompanied by the sound of leaves rustling. This phenomenon is similar to what we feel when we hear an unexplained noise during the night, and it’s simply due to our loved ones being close by even though they don’t have a physical body anymore.

You notice that objects have been moved or that things have been lost and then they reappear. This happens a lot with loved ones who are trying to get through, especially if the object was theirs- so perhaps you notice something of theirs which doesn’t seem to belong in your house, but by the next day, it’s back where it should be.

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You wake up feeling as though you’ve had a visit from someone. Maybe there’s a particular smell that reminds you of this person, or it may be that there’s a sweet and loving presence in the room that only seems to appear when they come through.

You’ll hear your loved one speaking to you- sometimes their voice can sound quite loud, although this is usually more difficult to hear. It’s a voice without an obvious source, and you definitely know that they’re speaking to you rather than from inside your head.

You feel that someone else is in the room with you when there’s no one else around. This happens most often at night when you wake up and think ‘I’m not alone’. This is your loved one communicating with you.

These signs may be subtle and it’s difficult to know which ones to trust as genuine, or they may be more obvious and come in a rush. Trust what you’re feeling, however unusual the messages seem, we all interpret them in our own way based on our experiences and beliefs and this is the wonderful thing about spirit communication- you get a direct message from spirit that’s been tailored to you and has been hand delivered by a loved one rather than a generic ‘sign’.

The Communication Between Our Deceased Loved ones and Us

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for our deceased loved ones to communicate with us? Many people experience this phenomenon on a regular basis without being aware that there are logical explanations for the phenomena which do not require the assumption of an afterlife or of the things we commonly call “mediumship,” “channeling,” or “psychic abilities.”

The key to understanding what is going on in these types of experiences lies in the study of language and cognition. Our loved ones are not actually speaking directly to us from some sort of afterlife dimension or sending us mental messages, but their speech acts are triggering a response in our brains which we then interpret and attribute to an external source. This is a well-known feature of our neurology and psychology.

The triggering stimuli can take many forms, such as thoughts that come into our minds, the words we hear in our heads, or voices we seem to be hearing with our ears. They can also involve the more subtle phenomenon called clairvoyance, where we seem to be perceiving things that are outside of our immediate sensory field. We all experience these phenomena occasionally, but when the communication is from someone who has died, people tend to assume that it must be some sort of psychic communication.

All of us have experienced this kind of communication with living people in our past, but almost all of us have forgotten about these events. If you ever go back and think about them, you will realize that what you are experiencing now with your deceased loved ones is no different from what you experienced in the past with living people.

The language-related explanations for this phenomenon that I have put forth over many years are based on my experiences as a neuropsychologist, my knowledge of the language and cognitive neuroscience, my experiences working with people who have had these contact experiences with their deceased loved ones, the published research in the relevant fields, and on some logical inferences based on what is currently known about how our brains work.


The answer to the question, whether of the dead know we miss and love them is Yes. They know, and they do care. It may be comforting to us in our time of loss when we have a spirit contact with them which gives the assurance that they are still alive in a sense greater than this life.