Death Tarot Card: Lover, Health, Spiritual, Career and Finance Reading [Explained]

The Death Tarot card is part of the Major Arcana which are powerful cards representing important changes in life. The Death card usually signifies endings but not always. It can point to major changes or just some big ones.

If you have the death tarot card coming up after a series of positive cards then it can mean that everything will change in your life.

If you have the death tarot card in a series of loss cards then it can mean that something you held dear is about to be lost.

The death tarot card can indicate an actual physical death or just transformation and rebirth, actually physical death only occurs when the outcome of the reading signifies such outcome.

Death Tarot Card Symbolism

The death tarot card usually shows the person dressed in black holding a sickle. The picture may also depict some kind of end of life ideas like digging graves, skulls, coffins, etc. This is all part of the symbolism of the death tarot card which points to endings or mortality. It can also indicate dying beliefs, old age, or sudden change. In this aspect, it shares symbolism with other cards from the Major Arcana like the Tower, the Devil, and The Hanged Man.

The Death Card as a Symbol of Transformation

If you have a death tarot card in your reading then you should look at how it is placed and what has preceded it. If something positive preceded it then the death card could mean transformation and change for the better. If something negative preceded it then the death tarot card can indicate destruction before a new opportunity. In this reading structure, Death is a very positive turn of events, since it represents a transformation from a less desirable condition to a more desirable one.

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Death Tarot Card in Love and Relationships

If the death tarot card appears in a love and relationship reading then it can indicate endings and transformation. This can mean that something you held dear to your heart is about to be lost but if everything else surrounding the death card is positive then this ending could lead to new beginnings. Some people may see Death as a tragic event where they lose the one they love, but it does not necessarily have to be that way. If everything else in the reading is positive then the death card can mean transformation and rebirth where you finally move on with your life after a long period of grieving for what you had to let go of.

The Death Tarot Card Aspects

When reading a death tarot card in a reading it is important to look at the surrounding cards and what they represent for further interpretation. In a reading, you should interpret each aspect of the death tarot card by itself and not lump them all together because a Death can have many different meanings depending on how other aspects in your tarot spread relate to it.

The Death Card As a Symbol of Change

If you have a death tarot card in a reading it can represent endings and change. This isn’t always a bad thing though, sometimes it is necessary for growth and this depends on the surrounding cards which give further insight into the death tarot card. For example, if this newfound freedom from an ending leads to growth and opportunities, then it is a positive change. If you have the death tarot card in your reading surrounded by negative cards, this can represent a major obstacle or loss before transformation and rebirth.

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The Death Tarot Card In Health

If the death tarot card comes up after several other cards that point to good health then it can mean a transformation in health. It may represent an ending of a cycle or it could be the beginning of a new one depending on what else surrounds it. The death tarot card can also indicate sickness and illness as well as the end to those things, if you have been sick for a long period of time then it could mean that you will become healthier.

In a health reading, the Death Tarot should be looked at very carefully because it can indicate possible serious illness if it is surrounded by negative cards and other things that point to bad health. If the surrounding cards in your spread are positive then this could represent a transformation from something worse to something better. The death card could also mean the end of a cycle in your life, particularly with health. Someone who has been sick for a long time could finally be overcoming their illness.

Death Tarot Card In Spiritual Aspect

If you have the Death card in your reading as far as spirituality is concerned then it can mean an ending to something or some beliefs you held dear. This could be connected to a belief system, such as religion or spirituality and it can mean transformation and change. You may also see the death card in your spiritual reading if you are feeling at one with yourself and confident in who you are.

Death Tarot Card In Career and Finance

The Death tarot card when pertaining to work and finances can represent endings and transformation. This means that you will be leaving one job for another, something like moving on to a better career or company. When the death card appears in your work and finances it can also mean an ending to some projects or tasks you need to complete first before you can make any movement forward with your career.

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Death Tarot Card For Personal Life

It is important to look at the surrounding cards in your tarot spread when working with the Death tarot card because it can have different meanings depending on where it falls in relation to other cards. If you see this card, then take a good look at the surrounding cards to gain a better understanding on what it could mean for you. In a career and personal life reading, the Death tarot card can show up as an ending to jobs or projects first before new opportunities arise. If you have been thinking about switching careers then this card might point to that as well.

The Death Tarot Card In General

When the Death tarot card comes up in a reading it can mean endings, transformation, or change. It is wise to look at surrounding cards that are close by when seeing this tarot card to see what kind of change the death card represents. For example, if it is surrounded by positive cards then you will have obstacles before rebirth and new beginnings. If the death card is surrounded by negative cards then it can represent major difficulties or loss before transformation.