Does God Answer Unspoken Prayers?

Yes, god answers unspoken prayers, although there are moments where we have to completely forget everything and lift your hands to worship.

When was the last time that you decided to raise your hands and worship instead of bowing your head and worry? When did you last say have your way Lord, instead of thinking about how things will work out in your favor? When was the last time you went through some difficulty in your life, and still you chose to worship Jesus.

True worship continues when we are in hard times, true worship continues when we’re feeling distraught or disappointed, true worship is not about getting anything but it’s all about giving everything. Your praise your adoration to the King of Kings true worship is not simply about singing but it’s all about surrender. You surrender your will your time your life so that God can have his way.

When you worship it’s not about having people around you but it’s all about seeking to have the presence of God around you, and finally, true worship is not about feelings but faith. When the praises go up God’s glory comes down.

Sometimes we spend and we waste so much energy trying to fix everything in our own strength we’re rushing around like crazy trying to keep all the plates spinning and when we worship when we look to God we remind ourselves that it’s not about me.

I don’t have to keep the world going on, Jesus doesn’t love where it says in the Psalms you know he put a new song in my mouth for him of praise to my god, and that’s what we were made to do you know we weren’t made to sit around in our pajamas thinking about our problems or our future and how to be successful on this earth you know we were made by God to be in a relationship with him and part of that is worshiping him honoring him acknowledging his sovereignty that when it feels like the world is crumbling he is still God and he is great and worthy of our praise.

Once we start thanking him we almost can never stop and that’s why we root ourselves in worship first of all because we’re here for something greater than just us we’re connecting with our Creator God we have a purpose we are loving him worshiping him and then somehow that the miracle is that while we’re doing that while we’re loving him he is filling us so we can go out to a lost and hurting world and love his people and make a difference.

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Does God hear everyone?

We need to begin by remembering that God hears everything and everyone. He hears the sound of every electron going around the nucleus of every atom in the universe. He hears every thought before we think it, the Bible says.

Does God hear the prayers of an unbeliever?

The question really is, does God hear the prayers of an unbeliever with a view to answering them? When my daughter was little, sometimes she would say, Dad, get me a drink of water. I’d say, I can’t hear you. Dad, get me a drink of water! I can’t hear you. Get me a drink of water, please. Okay, here you go. I could hear her, but I could not hear with a view to answering until she asked rightly.

Well, the Bible teaches us that we have no basis of believing God would ever hear our prayers. Though He hears everything. He wouldn’t hear with a view to answering unless we come through Jesus, who said of Himself, I am the way, the truth, the life. And if that weren’t enough, He said, and no one comes to the Father but through me, and that includes not only comes in relationship but comes in prayer, because in the book of Hebrews, we’re told that we may draw into the presence of God through the veil that is His flesh, only by the blood of Jesus, can we draw near.

So, the only basis we have forever believing God would hear any of our prayers is if we come in Jesus’s name. And in Jesus’s name is not just a phrase, tag phrase we add at the end, it means we come in His righteousness. We come on the basis of who we are in Him, not because we deserve our prayers to be heard.

What causes God not to answer prayers?

So, the bottom line is, we can give assurance to someone that God will answer their prayers, only if they come in and through Jesus, and even then, for those who are in Christ, the Bible gives several conditions for answered prayer. Therefore, we can give no assurance to anyone who’s not a believer that God will answer their prayers.

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In fact, there’s a verse in Proverbs, Proverbs 15:8 which says, that the sacrifices, which would have included prayers, the sacrifices of the wicked are an abomination to the Lord, the strongest possible term of hatred there. But the prayers of the upright are His delight. So, when the wicked would come, and bring sacrifices, should they bring sacrifices? Yes. Should they have prayed? Yes.

But to do them without a relationship with God, God considers an abomination, even though they were doing what was outwardly the right thing, it was an abomination if they came, basically, in their own righteousness. So what this means in real life, is for someone who is outside of Christ to come and pray, and assume that God will hear them because of their sincerity, or the depth of their need, or whatever, is the greatest possible offense to God.

So I often present this to people in the case of, imagine the most pitiful scenario, you can conceive. The kind of situation that makes the most hard-hearted atheists weep when they hear about it. Now imagine that person coming before God, and pleading that He would answer. For people to think, you mean, this can break the heart of an atheist, and God is not touched? God would not answer? Oh, God’s heart is definitely touched.

But to believe that we can earn a hearing with God, to believe that God should answer us because we are really sincere right now, or we have a temporary humility, or temporarily, I don’t normally pray, but Lord, I really need you now, would you answer this prayer? There is a sense, in which God abominates that. On the one hand, His heart is touched. He is a merciful God, and He hears.

But, for anyone to presume that they can come in their own righteousness, and God will answer, is a gospel issue, because it implies, I don’t need Jesus, thank you very much. God sending Your son, to give me access to You, oh, that was just a big mistake, in my case. Is there any greater offense to God, than that He made a mistake in sending Jesus? To think that I am righteous enough, I can be pitiful enough, I can be sincere enough that God would be impressed, and hear my prayers, and Jesus isn’t necessary? That’s why prayers made without Jesus are an abomination to the Lord, because it strikes at the heart of the gospel.

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Can God hear my prayers?

There are people who are unbelievers who would say, I don’t care what you say, I know God answered my prayer. My child was dying, the doctor said there was no hope, and I prayed, and I cried out to God, and He saved my child’s life, and I know God answered my prayers. Normally I don’t pray, it’s true I’m not a dedicated follower of Jesus, but I know He answered my prayers.

I think biblically, the better way to understand that is, God heard the prayers of Christians praying for that child, or, in the providence of God, that’s what He was going to do anyway, and their prayers had no impact on the situation because there is nothing in the Bible we can offer to an unbeliever and says, and gives them assurance God will answer prayer. There are very few occasions, most notably, Cornelius in the New Testament, that people will bring up, and say, look, he was not a believer, and he prayed, and God sent Peter and preached the gospel, and he was saved. But when the angel comes to Cornelius, it says, your prayers have ascended as a memorial to God.

The very unusual phrase doesn’t say God has answered your prayers. And how did He answer the prayer? If He did, whatever degree we can say He did, He sent Peter to preach the gospel. Cornelius needed the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, in summary, God hears everything. But we can give no assurance to any unbeliever that God will hear their prayers outside of Jesus Christ. But how good is God, that through Jesus, He welcomes our prayers, and anyone who will come to Him through Jesus, He will receive them, and He promises to hear us.