Gimel – The Third Jewish Hebrew Letter Meaning

The letter Gimel is the third letter of the Hebrew AlphaBet. Being the third letter, obviously its numerical value is three.

How do you write Hebrew letter Gimel?

See the following YouTube clip in order and learn how to write the Hebrew letter Gimel.

How do you write Hebrew letter Gimel?

What does Hebrew letter Gimel mean in Psalms 119?

Hebrew letter Gimel teaches us how we grow through the word of God, that Christ carries our heaviest burdens as he sets us free from the load of sin allowing us to be weaned in His goodness and his grace.

Hebrew letter Gimel pronunciation

The letter Gimel has 2 syllables: Gi-Mel.

What does the Hebrew letter Gimel mean?

The form of the letter Gimel is a foot walking. One can see it very clearly almost looks like a high-heeled. This represents in Kabbalah, progress and movement in the world .

Every letter is an arc type of form representing energies that will manifest in worlds souls and divinity. So the idea of walking, is explained in our mystic tradition, as the idea of what’s called run and return thus, all of creation is in a process of running and returning.

One can experience this by putting their finger on their pulse, of putting their hand to their heart, and to be aware of their breathing.

When one studies physics, one is very aware of the dynamic pulsation of every entity, every atom, every molecule is running and returning. This is represented by the letter Gimel.

The word for camel in Hebrew is “Gamal”, which is very phonetically close to Gimel. In the ancient world the camel represented the idea of movement and progress, especially in the Middle East, in the deserts, that was the mode of transportation through the desert.

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Another meaning of the word Gimel is “Gmilut Hasadim”, which means doing good deeds.

Paradoxically, the word to wean also comes from the letter Gimel. So we have once again a paradox that the letter represents both giving and withdrawing.

This is very similar to the dynamic of run and return in its ultimate sense this dynamic translates as reward and punishment.

We’re told in our tradition that every thought, every word, every action is stored is remembered, and a person has to give an account for everything that happens. It’s a very basic concept in Judaism of reward and Punishment. This is represented by the letter Gimel.

Now, another aspect of the Gimel which is very important is that it equals 3. Up to now when I discuss the Aleph and the Bet and even here in the Gimel, there has been an emphasis on duality.

What is the meaning of Hebrew letter Gimel in the bible?

Here we see a new dimension, a third line or axis. The Gimel represents three on every level of reality, and this letter represents very much harmony.

One of the secrets of the “Magen David”- The star of David, is that there two interlocking triangles, meaning a triangle is two dots connected by a line, that come together in a single point.

So, these three lines represent the Magen David that represent integration and balance in harmony.

We’re told through our Kabbalah that the concept of rectifying the world is based very much on finding the balance between things, between right and left, male and female, and all the other dualities are connected by a middle line.

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That is why the sphere wrote the divine emanations which are talked about so much in Kabbalah, are based on three lines, a right axis, a left axis, and a middle connecting axis.

So, Gimel is taking the dualities of the world and unifying them into a three-pronged process.

This is represented by the three patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

It is represented by the Jewish people are divided into three divisions: Cohen, Levy and Israel.

The Torah, the bible itself is made up of three divisions, and we see this idea of three manifesting itself in harmony and integration.

Hebrew letter Gimel on a dreidel

Letter gimmel on a dreidel means “Great” or “big”. in hebrew is: גדול


A very good meditation on the letter of Gimel, is to tune in to this run and return, this pulsation of life that is happening in the soul, in the world, and on every level of reality, and also to experience the idea of the Magen David of taking a triangle going up a triangle going down, and how they’re integrated and unified together.