How to Pray for Healing For a Friend

Healing Prayer For the Sick

Pray for healing is crucial whenever you are the person in need of healing, or whether the person in need is a loved one, a friend or a stranger.

God is the healer, and he heals because of his love, mercy, and compassion for us. However, when we pray with faith, we become conduits of his grace.

If you let him, he can use your life to heal the sick and set the captives free.

Healing Principle #1- Understand That You Are Not Alone

When praying you need to understand and accept that, we do not have an innate power to heal someone else. God is the healer.

Whenever we embark on praying for healing, we must become aware of God’s’ presence within us.

Do trust that he will heal the sick through us now.

Healing Principle #2 – Pray With Expectant Faith

It is not the lengthiest or the loudest prayer that accesses God’s healing power, but rather the prayer that is offered in faith.

Therefore, it is essential that you pray with resolute confidence in God’s ability to restore health to those in need.

Faith is a confident expectation that God will meet our needs or the needs of others.

it is the bridge that connects the provision of Heaven to the needs on earth.

It is also essential that you help the person in need of healing to fully trust God and His word.

If we were to examine various healing narratives in the New Testament, we would be right to conclude that God healed many people in response to their faith.

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This does not mean he is not sovereign. it means that in his sovereignty, he has decided to respond to how we trust him in certain situations.

Healing Principle #3 Petition and Intercessory Prayers

A petition prayer is a request to God asking for help with our personal needs or the needs of someone else. Our requests for others are also called intercessory prayers.

As you pray, do that with a heart filled with expecting faith, and you will receive your answer.

Healing Principle #4:The Laying of Hands

God lives in each of us. When we lay our hands on the sick, the power of God flows from us and into the sick in order to heal them.

When one prays for God’s healing, he should put his hands on the person who requires healing. Trusting your inner the power that lives in you will flow to the sick person and will vanish the sickness.

When laying hands, keep remember to be respect and love that person receiving prayer.

You do not need to put your hands directly on the sick part of the body, especially if you are praying for a stranger or a person of the opposite sex.

If it makes you or the other person feel more comfortable, just lay your hands on the shoulders or the head of the person receiving prayer.

When you pray, lay your hands on the sick person with the understanding that God gave you healing hands. Believe that the power of God will flow from you to heal the sick person.

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Healing Principle #5:Cast Out The Spirit of Infirmity

There will be times when we can discern the works of a spirit of infirmity with ease. At other times however, the source of the problem is not entirely clear.

In any case, even when it is unclear, it is my practice to pray and cast out the spirit of infirmity, and I recommend you pray similarly. If you do, the miracles that will happen will no doubt amaze you.

Healing Principle #6:Put Faith In Action

Whenever you pray for healing, encourage those receiving prayer to put their faith in action by doing what they could not do before.

Do it with love and never force a situation. Respect the level of faith displayed by each person.

When you finish a prayer for healing, tell the person receiving prayer to do that which he or she could not do before.

In Conclusion – A Recap of The Key Principles To Use when Ministering Healing

  1. Pray with the awareness that Jesus is in you and works through you.
  2. Pray with expectant faith and build faith in the person in need of healing by sharing truth found in Scripture.
  3. Make a petition prayer; ask God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit to heal the sick person.
  4. Lay hands on the sick. Remember that the Holy Spirit lives in you, and when you lay your hands on the sick, His healing power flows from you and into the sick.
  5. Cast out the spirit of infirmity. Jesus gave you authority over demonic powers.
  6. Put faith in action. After you pray, tell the person to do what he or she could not.
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