What Kabbalistic Prayers Means?

Although Kabbalah prayer in english such as “Ana Bekoach” is an integral part of all religions, Kabbalistic prayer is something special.

Kabbalists use extraordinary power of words and speech in the form of prayer as one of the basic tools for spiritual advancement and connection with the Light. .

It allows us to overcome limitations of the material world, leads to a change in the consciousness of Kabbalists themselves, but it also causes changes in their surroundings. Through prayer, they become a direct channel of the Light and enable constant God’s presence in the material world. Kabbalists use it daily, many times during the day, so in addition to studying the Zohar, charity and meditation, prayer is an integral part of a Kabbalist’s life.

There are about a hundred blessings and prayers that a true Kabbalist says in one day, they begin and finish the day with prayer, and before each meal they have blessings for certain foods. The most important thing is to keep awareness of God’s omnipresence and the unity of all that exists and God in the course of the day. The words of prayer are the means for this.

Prayer in Hebrew is called “Tefillah”, which means to connect, unite. It connects man with God, unites it with the essence of everything that exists. It represents a direct, uninterrupted contact and connection, which brings God’s blessings into the material world. Kabbalists experience prayer and consecrate themselves to it in a special way.

For prayer to be heard, it is necessary to approach it with a pure and open heart, with immense love for God and a special state of consciousness and mind. It requires full concentration and is not performed as a regular mental exercise. The term for this is “Kavanah”, which is a special Kabbalistic concept.

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It signifies complete commitment, sincere and true intent, and purification of heart, emptying the mind of all thoughts and visualizing yourself as you stand before God while you are speaking to Him. Anything less than that is not a true Kabbalistic prayer and diminishes miraculous effects that can be obtained in this way, which is the direct connection of the Divine in man with the higher worlds. However, the use of words and verbalization is necessary in order for the right thoughts and adequate consciousness to materialize.

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