BET: Second Hebrew Letter Meaning

The letter Bet is the second letter of the Hebrew AlphaBet. Being the second letter, obviously its numerical value is two. What is the Hebrew letter before bet? The hebrew letter before Bet is hebrew letter Alef What is the Hebrew letter after bet? The hebrew letter after Bet is hebrew letter Gimel Hebrew letter … Read more

First Hebrew Letter Aleph and Meaning in Kabbalah

Aleph The First Hebrew Letter Meaning According Kabbalah

The letter Aleph, is the first of the Hebrew Alphabet letters. The Aleph letter meaning in Kabbalah describes its construction as Hebrew letter “Yud” above, a “Yud” below and a slanted Hebrew letter “Vav” simultaneously connecting and separating it. We were told that Aleph, as the first letter is a very godly letter. That is … Read more

Divine Inspiration: Biblical Inerrancy, Scripture and Meaning

Prophecy and Divine Inspiration

The relation between divine inspiration and biblical inerrancy What is really the connection between divine inspiration and biblical inerrancy? The answer is that God made the nature of men to be able to acquire knowledge by looking around the world. For example, you can look at the birds searching for crumbs of bread, look at … Read more