Jewish Amidahh Prayer (Shemoneh Esrei) with Audio

Jewish Amidahh Prayer (Shemoneh Esrei)

Amidah in Hebrew means standing, and this prayer is said while standing. Amidah prayer (also called “Shemoneh Esrei”) is the centerpiece of all of the traditional “Tefilot” (Jewish prayers). It is said in both the morning service (Shacharit), afternoon service (Minchah) and evening service (Maariv) and really, all the prayers are centered around the Amidah. … Read more

What Are Shabbat Prayers?

What Are Shabbat Prayers?

The synagogue affords an excellent setting for the Jewish community to gather together to welcome Shabbat with prayers and to reaffirm the covenant with God and with one another. On the eve of Shabbat, the kabbalat shabbat service welcomes the Sabbath. It is followed by the Sabbath evening, or Ma’ariv service, with additional prayers. In … Read more

Adon Olam: Lyrics, English Translation, Meaning, Chords

Adon Olam prayer song

What is adon olam paryer “Adon Olam” text is an ancient hebrew prayer which was composed by an Israeli singer, songwriter and composer called “Uzi Hitman“. when is adon olam sung? Adon Olam song is often recited at the end of the morning service. Adon olam English lyrics Adon olam Hebrew sephardic lyrics אֲדוֹן עוֹלָם … Read more