Kabbalah Ben Porat: Red String Bracelet Prayer Meaning

How to tie kabbalah red String bracelet

  1. First step on tying Kabbalah red string is simple. Get someone that you love and trust to tie the string around your left wrist. Have that person start by tying the string closely around your wrist in a simple knot. You might ask why it has to be someone you love or trust, well in Kabbalistic belief, the one who’s close to you is always preferred when knotting the red string, because it will be done with clean intentions.
  2. Step two- when you have the person you love and trust repeat by tying the string in a knot six more times, for a total of seven knots, it is just repetitions so don’t be alarmed. Of course promise yourself, that you will refrain from any negative thoughts. Also promise yourself that, you’ll refrain from talking negatively about others. These actions will interfere with the ability protection from the Evil Eye. It is important, because you will have the chance to process what you want to happen, and for the Kabbalah red string to know its full effect. All will start with your committing with your Kabbalah red string for better result.
  3. Step Three-now, the prayer it is one of the most important part for your Kabbalah red string to take effect. This prayer will stop others from giving you the evil eye. Keep your promise to refrain from negative thoughts and talk. This will ensure your protection.

בֵּ֤ן פֹּרָת֙ יוֹסֵ֔ף בֵּ֥ן פֹּרָ֖ת עֲלֵי־עָ֑יִן בָּנ֕וֹת צָֽעֲדָ֖ה עֲלֵי־שֽׁוּר

Kabbalah red string bracelet prayer

The Kabbalistic red stringBen Porat Yosef” protection prayer is recited in particular, when leaving home. Invokes protection of the four arch angles: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael.

In the name of GOD (YHVH), I put Michael to my right,  Gabriel to the left, Uriel in front, Raphael behind and the Shekhina above. Ben Porat Yosef, Ben Porat Alei Ayin”

Well, some people think that the Kabbalah red string bracelet is just an accessory, another piece to make you look good and unique. It is believed in Kabbalistic tradition, that if someone wishes us ill,l or gives us the “Evil Eye”,  it hinders us from being completely happy in our lives.

The Kabbalah red string has been used for centuries for protection from this ill will. In recent times the Kabbalah red string has become popular amongst famous people, because of its use and mystic force. There’s no need to buy an expensive bracelet, you can have a Kabbalah red string for just pennies. While people might think differently, you can very well have the Kabbalah protection with just simple steps .

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What do red string bracelets mean?

Irrespective of whether you are superstitious, or tolerant towards the beliefs and ideas of things that do not have a scientific explanation, you ought to know about the red string bracelet, which is keenly accepted in Buddhist, Hindu and also in the traditions of Kabbalah.

The red string bracelet is believed to work wonders in the spheres of Protection, life, love and prosperity. The red string of fate, is similar to the new-age concept of twin flames, which binds the lovers together.

Red string on left or right wrist?

Is wearing red string bracelet a myth or does it hold sufficient reasons which people from all across the globe belonging to various walks of life, to adorn this red string bracelet on their wrists.

Most people in the west came to know about the red string bracelet, when they first saw it on pop icon Madonna’s left wrist, celebrities or influential people have the ability to influence people to such an extent that we tend to move all sorts of reasoning to the back seat, and we imitate them without a single though. Some other celebs wear the red string on the right wrist.

Needless to say people started wearing this bracelet imitating Madonna, and thus wearing the red bracelet on the left wrist would become a fashion statement.

However, little did people realize that wearing one actually has many positive effects on one’s mind and body. In many of the Eastern religions a red string bracelet is believed to have magical powers, and thus a person who wears it will see his life changing for the good.

That’s why in many Eastern countries a red string bracelet is worn by people, to find their soul mates, to become successful in their respective careers, to improve their relationships and to protect themselves against all untoward things in life.

What religion wears a red string bracelet?

Chinese Red string Bracelet

The Chinese traditions upholds a red string, is the string of fate was so invisible to the naked eye, as the potential to bind two individuals by the supreme power of love and mutual trust.

Irrespective of the geographical differences, the Chinese are well knit with one another, and hence are called the soulmates. At an appropriate time these people meet and stay with each other through the thick and thin of life.

Red string bracelets are also resistant to breaking, and is miraculously tied to the little finger of the individuals. They ardently believe that no matter what, wherever the beings are, whether they approve of it or not, marriages and soulmates are fixed.

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The Chinese believe that this powerful bond of faith is tied by the gods on the little finger, and with the passage of time the length shortens, meaning that the distances between the people are diminishing, and the ties grow stronger.

Japanese Red String Bracelet

The Japanese have a similar belief. The only difference is that the red string is tied not on the finger, but round the ankle.

Hinduism Red String Bracelet

In Hinduism is known as the “Kautuka (kalava)”. It is supposed to invoke the divine blessings, fortune, well-being and prosperity. Wearing a red string under risk by Hindus denote that they uphold the sanctity of their religion and their adherence to the Hindu way of life.

On significant occasions like a religious ceremony, these red strings are given by the priests, and the devotees tie them on their wrists.

The “Kautuka (kalava)” goes beyond divine purpose on such religious activities in the Hindus when masses tie these strings, they are all introduced into a uniform process. Despite grave differences and vows are instilled with a strange feeling of oneness immunity.

According to Hinduism, a red string bracelet is sacred and is used in many of the religious ceremonies. It is tied to the right wrist of a man and to the left wrist as a woman, to wish them good luck and to honor blessings on them.

On significant occasions, these strings are given by the priests and tie them on their wrists. On the occasion of the Hindu festival, a red string is tied on the brother’s wrist, by the sister signifying that he will protect her from all evils and enemies, and will take care of her.

Red string of fate legend

Red string of fate legend, is based on an ancient story that says as follows: a long time ago there was an emperor who wanted to find his wife. According to the legend there was a red string that connected people to who they were destined to meet, and share their lives together.

However, this string was invisible for which he contacted a very powerful witc, who had the ability to see the string of fate to help him find his future wife. The witch took the Emperor to a village, there he was led to a very poor peasant woman with a baby in her arms.

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The witch stopped in front of the woman, and told the Emperor that the red string of fate connected him to that poor peasant lady. This infuriated the Emperor, believing that he was being mocked by the witch and he pushed the peasant girl as he left.

The poor girl fell with her baby in arms, resulting in the child getting hurt and leaving a wound on its forehead. The Emperor then ordered the witch to be executed.

Many years have passed, the time came that the Emperor had to marry and his court recommended at the best candidate to be his wife, was the daughter of a very powerful General. The Emperor accepted.

The wedding day had finally come, the bride arrived beautifully dressed and with a veil covering her face, but when she lifted the veil the Emperor saw scar on her forehead, similar to the wound the he caused to the child, when he pushed that peasant woman.

This story is also known by a very interesting sentence that says, an invisible red stream connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances.

The yarn can stretch, or contract but it could never break. The interesting thing about this legend, is that no matter what path we take in our lives, we will always be destined to meet a certain person.

It is a very interesting legend from which we can learn a lot from, but fate could be changed. Any action by any means can lead us to a completely different situation in the future.

The string of fate tells us that no matter what actions we take in our lives, we will always end up fulfilling our destiny and meeting that person that we are destined to be with.

What do you think is everything in our lives really preordained, that no matter what happens in our lives we will never stray or break away from the red string of fate.

Why celebrities wear red string?

Have you noticed that a lot of celebrities wear this red thread on their wrist? Have you ever wondered why they wear it?

In case you don’t know what that little red string is, it is a type of talisman used by some people in the Jewish faith. It is the Jewish folk custom that is used to ward off misfortune brought on by the evil eye.

The string is made from scarlet wool, and it is worn by countless a list celebrities: Ariana Grande, Ashton Kutcher, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Jackson, and many others.