Can you Reuse Shabbat Candles

No, you should use brand new candles every Friday night. If there is a candle that is partially burned, it should not be reused.

With a scarf covering her head, the Jewish mother lights the Shabbat candles. Why Does Jewish Woman Light Two Shabbat Candles? The reason the two candles is lit because they represent the two most important references to the Shabbat in the Bible. These are: “Remember the Shabbat” (Exodus 20:8) and “Observe the Shabbat” (Deuteronomy 5:12). 

Candle-lighting is traditionally done by the woman of the household, as a woman gave birth to the ‘Light’ of the world. There are many interpretations of the two candles—but for us, the two lights represent the First and Second Coming of Messiah Y’shua. In the absence of a woman presiding and praying over the candles, it can be done by a man.

The lighting of the candles is not a Torah requirement and should not be added to Torah as a must for keeping Shabbat. If you do that, you are violating Deut 4:2. It is a tradition which evolved because YHWH instructed that you are not allowed to kindle a fire on Shabbat.

Kindling a fire in biblical times involved chopping wood, etc. (hard work)—as there was no electricity. Two candles were then lit in case one died, the second one was then for a back-up candle. Today we kindle candles only to create a nice atmosphere and to give us the symbolism of our Messiah Y’shua.

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