Vav : 6th Letter of Hebrew alphabet Meaning

What does the Hebrew letter vav look like?

The Sixth letter Vav of the hebrew alphabet shaped like a vertical line, that represents a man standing. It represents as well, the idea of connection on every level.

Spiritual meaning of Hebrew

Spiritually, it is connecting heaven and earth, much like the ladder in Jacob’s dream.

The first time that the letter Vav appears is in the very first verse of the Torah.

“In the beginning God created heaven and earth…”, and the Vav is heaven and earth.

This demonstrates the role of the letter Vav from the practical to the mystical is connecting everything in the universe.

It was entrenched in the earth but its head reached to heaven.

In the first word of the Torah “Bereshit”, which means in the beginning, there are exactly six letters.

This is further manifest in this in the account of creation, which takes place in six days. So, the idea of six represents all of creation.

Further we see in the first sentence of the Torah, the first verse, the letter Aleph appears exactly six times.

From this, our sages in the “Talmud” said, that this era of history.

This cycle of history would last for 6,000 years. Because, if you remember in the letter Aleph, Aleph also means Elef (1,000).

Six Aleph in the first verse of the Torah, hints to 6,000 years of history in this cycle of history.

The number six, as six days of creation followed by the Shabbat, forms the basic code.

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Six days we work, and in the seventh we rest. Six years we work our fields, and on the seventh we rest. 6000 years mankind works and will be followed by the seven thousand year the Messianic era.

Vav letter meaning in Hebrew

Another manifestation of the letter Vav, connected to the idea of connection, is that the letter Vav has a unique role in the Hebrew Torah.

It only appears in biblical Hebrew, that when you put a Vav before a verb, it has the power to reverse the tenses.

In other words, if you put Vav before a verb in the past, you read it as the future.

Or the opposite, if the verb is in the future and there’s Vav in front of it, you read it as happening in the past.

Now, this is an awesome idea of the Vav being the connection between past and future.

That function of the letter Vav, to reverse past to future and vice versa, is called in Hebrew Vav that reverses time.

Einstein revealed what’s called the relativity of time, that until Einstein everyone thought that time moved unaffected by anything in the world at its own pace.

Einstein revealed that it’s not true, that time is affected by gravity and velocity, and that times are different in different places, depending on those two factors.

So, it’s very interesting that in the hebrew word for light (אור), the middle letter is Vav.

Because Einstein further taught, that the mystery of light is very connected to the relativity of time.

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The letter Vav equals six, and we already mentioned how in the first verse of the Torah this sets the scene for the cycles of all of history.

Vav symbol meaning

On the level of the soul and divinity, the ten commandment were given in two tablets of Testimony.

We’re taught that they were a cube of six “Tefachim”
( Biblical and Talmudic units of measurement).

All of space is actually a cube can be envisioned as a cube, because all of space has the four directions and above and below.

So, the manifestation of the Vav in first verse of the Torah and it’s understanding of it being six, and it’s connection to the six planes of space.

The relativity of time, tells us how important this letter is.

Because of this, in God’s four-letter name the Vav appears between the two Hei, connecting what’s called the upper Hai and the lower Hai.

In Conclusion- Meditation

A beautiful meditation on the letter Vav would to be looked deep inside of ourselves, and all around us to see all of the connections in our lives, how all things are ultimately connected.

This is the function of the letter Vav.