How to Attract a Soulmate Relationship in (3 examples)

One of the most common topics that comes up for everyone is the idea of relationships and soulmates. When people ask the question: do I have a soul mate? what is a soulmate? how do I find my soulmate? how do I get my soulmate?.

The Kabbalah explains that , each one of us has a partner in life. The creator has already decided upon, and built for us since the beginning of time. We don’t need to be worried, because there’s a capitalistic concept, if you have a desire for something, there’s no way that something doesn’t exist because, if you have a desire for something, it means that thing already existed causing you to desire it. If I want a fulfilling relationship, the only reason I want it is because it exists in a state of potential, and it’s causing me to want it.

That’s just one catalyst the concept, so we need to know anything in life, not just relationships, if I desire it it’s because it exists causing me to desire it.

I need to earn that thing that I desire, I need to remove the space between me and that thing, and there are spiritual rules to help us earn as the capitalists share to remove what’s called bread of shame, but if shame is that concept of of having to earn that which I desire.

If I don’t earn it then my vessel won’t be able to handle it. So that’s first each one of us has a fulfilling relationship that’s waiting for us, so how do we manifest, attract and earn this relationship? and then how do we maintain?

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The Zohar explains to us very clearly. A mate, a partner is obtained according to the transformations that a person makes. Meaning, when I see my negativity, when I see my fears come up, certain challenges will be sent my way, obstacles will be sent my way, I will be put through difficult times, I will see my weakness, I will see where I am not so great.

Those circumstances will come to highlight, that which I must transform, and if I know how to transform that negativity into qualities of the light of the Creator, if I know how to transform my fears and break through them, I am moving a step closer to building the right vessel to earn my other half.

Many people say, oh I’m such a nice guy and I do so many great things, I’m a good person why can’t I find the right person? it’s not about being just a good person, is about so many other things, and for each person it’s different, for some people they got a lot of baggage to clean out, other people it’s not the reason why they came to this world they find someone pretty easily, they have other issues, they have business issues, they have money issues, they have health issues, they have kids issues, they have other relationship issues.

Everyone is different, so on you cannot compare yourself to anyone, but you must know the more I transform my negativity, my garbage, the closer I will be getting to finding a true soulmate relationship ,one that makes me happy.

And then, there’s a whole line of spiritual work community when you find someone like that. But that’s for after, first about finding about connecting about earning, if you want a soulmate, you have to be a soulmate. You can’t have a list of a hundred things you want from someone, of which tenth you are fulfilling .

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Once I spoke to a girl she gave me this one amazing list of the more ideal man that she craves, and she would want, and I said well this is a pretty profound list. I said you want this man, it seems like to be going to the gym five to six times a week, she’s said: well, is that too much to ask? I said, you go to the gym five to six times a week?. Pause, she thought about it, well on and off. I said well on and off, you have to remember, you can only attract who you are, you will only attract the person who weakens your fears, your insecurities, your negativity, so that you can see it, and you can begin the transformational process.

Sometimes we meet the body mate who helps us earn the soulmate, so remember that, every fear, every insecurity, every negativity, every obstacle, every challenge that comes up, if you learn how to be proactive and transform that negativity, you’re inching closer and closer to that which is already there waiting for you, you’re a soulmate relationship.

3 examples how to find your soulmate

I’d like to tell you three ways that you can find a soulmate:

  • Do we really want a soulmate, or a body mate. it’s possible we’ve answered that question without even knowing the question exists, because subconsciously we’re so connected to our bodies, our needs, our desires physically, our insecurities that were drawing unconsciously, we’re attracting unconsciously a body made, a temporary superficial or fleeting version of love.
  • If we want a soulmate, we have to marry first of all our soul. If we want to truly draw and attract a soul relationship with a soulmate, we have to be connected, we have to be the soul that’s gonna draw that means, what is our soul? what does it mean to you your soul? what are your talents? what are unique qualities? what are the divine traits that you hold within? how are you expressing? how you sharing that piece of your perfection with the world? how are you standing a piece of you, your mark in society? what is the expression of your soul, that could attract a soul mate?.
  • Are we really investing in our soul?. To invest in your soul, means that you started discerned the cause and effect of your life, means the responsibility to own every single thing that happens to us. To actually internalize, why is this in my movie? to expand that consciousness of life means to discern and to see the causes, and effects of my life, at play in front of me. And as I see and lift my consciousness to expand my vessel towards that higher vision, that’s connection to my soul, that’s what’s going to attract a soulmate, and eventually a soulful relationship to me, that’s the word stop wishing start working that’s the game.
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