4 Steps to Take When You Feel Stuck in Life

Why do we feel stuck? none of us wants to stay limited, blocked, and stuck in areas in our life, in relationship, at work, personal growth, going to my next level in life, connecting to my true aspiration. We don’t want to be stuck, but yet often we find ourselves stuck with similar pattern, with similar destructive thoughts, with similar people in our life, without passion, without inspiration, the same victim thoughts.

Very often we hear the phrase, “if you desire it, you can achieve it”. We all desire to break out of that limited stagnant situation in our life and yet, we still feel stuck in life.

How to move forward in life when you feel stuck?

How to move forward in life when you feel stuck?. One of the main reasons we still stuck in certain patterns an area in our life, because we do not accept aspect of ourselves in our life. Acceptance it is essential step in to moving towards my next level.

If I’m skipping that step called acceptance, somehow I will not move forward. What does it mean? let me give an example.

When you dream about having the most developed mature positive child when they’ll be 20 years old, we would like them to be the most independent, loving, giving, balanced, but if you look at the process that takes from day one, until that stage of Independence of giving of responsible, the child is very selfish at the beginning of it’s growth, very dependent, very not responsible, and imagine you’re not willing to accept that. In the age of four when you see a child so selfish you yell at them, you push them, you try to train them to become given responsible and more independent, what do you think going to happen? are they really going to mature in the age of twenty to be that evolved giving, sharing, responsible, independent human being?

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By doing so we are going to prolong the process of the child achieving is true maturity. When we are not accepting the stage of selfishness, independence the child will not accept his own process of selfishness, independence, and will have conscious or subconscious judgment about himself, which will not get into its next step of development.

His selfish it’s okay, that’s part of being a child, more accepting and loving in this process faster the ability for the child to reach its true maturity. the same thing is our own life, when I’m beating myself up, about mistakes that I’ve done without accepting it that it was part of my process, and it was necessary if I’m not accepting, certain hurt feeling, heartbreaks that I had in my past as part of a positive process in my life to growing to open my heart to my next level of relationship, and I’m still holding on to being a victim, or maybe being in denial about it and tried to suppress it, I’m going be stuck because my inner belief system and thoughts still fighting that particular thing that happened, and not welcoming it as a blessing positive process in my life.

Acceptance is about my own faults, my own past, negativity happened or my life injustice and unfair of other people, defects in my personalities, it’s not I’m settling for less, I want to go to my next level, but I need to accept the present situation that already happened in my life.

4 steps to take when you’re feeling stuck in life

Let me share with you the four steps simple formula for acceptance for the sake of moving on.

  1. We still a victim about something that happened all myself and in denial a time, and suppressing it and not accepting the actual reality that happened.
  2. Second step is the physical acceptance. Accept your reality, stop fighting the life you’ve been giving. It was given to you don’t make it an enemy, it’s a friend.
  3. Step number three talks about accept and trust that the illogical, and annoying situation it’s a blessing in your life. There is a divine trainer in life, the higher power, the light that sending us those illogical unexpected situation that tough to accept, to help us to grow to become who we supposed to come, even you don’t know how, just open yourself to accept that it’s a blessing in your life, and after you call and you’re no longer victim about it, and you can actually share and speak about it without guilt, or shame, and blame then you are ready to open yourself.
  4. The fourth step to true guidance. What is my next step, what I need to do in that relationship in that job, with my career, with myself, with expressing myself? Acceptance it’s the first step to go to my next level.
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