Bird Poops on you: Meaning? Good Luck? Why? [Explained]

You’re walking down the street and a bird poops on you. What do you do? I mean, it’s not like they can control where they poop from up in the sky. So what do we need to know about this from a Catholic perspective?” 

What does it mean when a bird poops on you?

In the Catholic faith, it is believed that when a bird poops on you, good luck will soon follow. This meaning comes from early Christian symbolism as well as observations made by those who have been “blessed” with a bird pooping on them.

How can a bird poop be considered lucky?

From the Catholic faith, it is believed that birds are angels in disguise. When this poop lands on you, you’re having an angel bless your day.

What does it mean spiritually when a bird poops on you?

The spiritual meaning of a bird poops on you is that you have been cleansed. Depending on the type of bird that pooped on you, it can offer additional spiritual meaning.

Birds are messengers from the spiritual realm to Earth, just as some animals are. Therefore, any time a bird comes into contact with your body or does something near you, it is an act of communication between the two realms.

In the case of a bird pooping on you, it is a message from your guardian angels that you have been cleansed and are now free from negative energy. Your mind may be wondering how this occurred. In some cases, a stork has brought babies to parents in need, so the meaning would not be as pooping, but rather a blessing in the form of a baby.

In this situation, you may need to ask your angels why they felt it necessary for them to poop on you. They will respond with some sort of answer and explanation. It is important that you listen and pay attention because feedback is very important.

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It is time for an attitude adjustment within yourself. You may need to change your thinking and/or behavior in some way. Something you learned previously has been proven wrong and it is time for you to make the appropriate changes.

The majority of the time, bird poop on you is a message from your angels that things are going well. If they hadn’t wanted them to go well, they wouldn’t have showered you with poop. Sometimes, it may be a simple message such as “get off your butt and do something”.

Most of the time, when birds poop on people in the spiritual world, it is because it allows for souls to move from one plane to another. So when someone dies and their soul is in the middle of crossing over, their spirit animal (aka totem) may poop on them to ease their transition.

What are the odds of getting pooped on by a bird?

There are about 7.2 billion birds in the USA and Canada. The odds of getting pooped on by a bird are 1 in 5 million. this was calculated by the following parameters:

  • Number of birds in the USA
  • Size of USA land (sqr meters)
  • Time of average person spends outside
  • Birds poop about 25 times a day on average

Is it good luck if a bird poops on you?

Yes, if a bird poops on you, consider yourself as a lucky person. Many cultures see birds as symbols of luck and happiness. Some even keep caged songbirds as good luck charms. But even so, the idea of being hit by a bird of the sky is a bit counterintuitive. However, there are many different types of luck, and good luck is only one aspect.

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No matter what the type of bird or how much it poops, there’s no denying that being pooped on by a bird—no matter how big or small it might be—is pretty gross. But if you happen to be near a bird when it poops, consider yourself lucky.

As far as the luck aspect goes, it depends on how you define luck. If luck is determined by random chance, then no – it is not considered good luck if a bird poops on you. However, if the definition is something along the line of “success in life” it’s quite possible that being pooped on by a bird could be seen as lucky. The fact that birds are symbols of luck and happiness further cements this theory.

Why is it good luck when a bird poops on you?

When a bird poops on you, it is considered good luck in many parts of the world. In places such as Greece and Italy, bird droppings are seen as gifts from the gods to help bring wealth and good fortune to people who stand underneath them. In other places around the world this same superstition does not hold true, so why is it good luck to be pooped on by a bird? There are several aspects for that:

This belief comes from the fact that birds are often seen as messengers of the gods. When a bird poops on you, some people think that it is actually an omen bringing about some great change in your life. At first, you may feel disgusted but eventually, after some time, you will realize that this bird poop is a sign of luck and good fortune.

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In some places around the world, it is believed that bird droppings can help bring fertility to those who are trying to conceive.

Do birds poop on you on purpose?

No, birds do not poop on people on purpose. They don’t fly into you on purpose, do they? It’s not like birds are seeking people out to poop on.

With that said, it does seem as though some birds may be targeting certain individuals for the “presents” they deliver. Why would a bird choose one person over another? Nobody really knows. However, there are several theories regarding this peculiar behavior.

  • One belief is that some people attract pigeons more than others, so the birds may be drawn to these individuals for unknown reasons.
  • Another thought is that the bird could have a medical condition, such as kidney failure or parasites, so they choose their next victim in order to get attention from a human being.
  • Some believe that certain people release chemicals when they sweat, which might draw birds.
  • Finally, one theory states that the person may be wearing something in their hair that looks like nesting material.

Regardless of how it happens, or why it happens, individuals who are pooped on often become known as “poop magnets” by others around them. This is not exactly a term of endearment, so these people often want to find out why the birds are targeting them.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. However, it might be comforting to know that most birds will not poop on someone unless they are flying directly above that person’s head.