Why do Catholics Worship Mary Instead of Jesus

Do Catholics worship Mary? The answer is no, catholic don’t worship Mary.

We have to stop and ask the question. What does a Catholic mean when they say they’re praying to Mary? What a Catholic means is that they are asking Mary’s intercession and a similar way where you would go up to somebody and you would ask them, can you pray for me? To obtain Grace so that I could come into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Maybe you’re struggling with something or you just want to know God’s Will and the same way we go to Mary and we say Mary, can you pray for me and obtain Grace that I would come to know your son Jesus?

Why do catholics pray to Mary?

Now if there was anyone who wants to reveal Jesus, it’s Mary.

Why? Because Mary is the mother of Jesus. What the moms like to do? They like the show off their kids now Mary’s no show off. She’s humble.

Mary was the first person to receive Jesus and she is the first person in scripture to give him away.

Secondly, if you’re going to somebody to pray for you white kind of person would you ideally approach ? Would you approach somebody that is disconnected from the church who hates Christianity who has wants nothing to do with Jesus, or are you going to pick somebody who has a beautiful relationship with Christ somebody who is faithful to the will of God.

You see this is exactly the type of person Mary is. Think about the Annunciation when the angel Gabriel appears to her and announces that she’s going to conceive and have a child. This is very inconvenient for Mary because she’s betrothed to Joseph and it’s going to look like she’s been with some other guy. See this is inconvenient.

Yeah, she’s faithful to the will of God as his let it be done to me. According to Thy word.

Mary is a faithful woman.

Do catholics worship Jesus?

So, do we worship Mary as a goddess ? No, we asked her intercession and ask her to pray for us to add obtain Grace that we would come to know the only savior of the world her son, Jesus Christ

In short we don’t worship Mary, but just like the Saints we pray for her intercession, and we believe that she has a special place right next to her son, and her role is to listen to our prayers and to whisper them in the ears of her son. The fourth Commandment is honor, thy father and mother and Jesus is going to honor his mother as a good Jewish boy would and so we honor her as well.

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When did the catholic church start worshipping Mary ?

Roman Catholics are taught by their church to pray to Mary with the idea being that she can be a mediator between us and God father Longenecker writing for path.

Theists.com says when we pray to Mary we are asking her to pray for us. So Catholics believe that because Mary is already in heaven, she has more direct access to the throne of God and her prayers will therefore be more powerful than our own, so we go to her first and then a petition her to take them to God on our behalf.

This idea that Mary can or indeed should be a mediator between us and God is completely unbiblical.

The Bible says: “for there is one God and there is one mediator between God and man the man Christ Jesus.”

It can’t be any more explicit than that.

Jesus is our only route to the throne of God. Mary doesn’t even come into it Hebrews says Jesus lives forever his priesthood last forever therefore he is able once and forever to save those who come to God through him. He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf.

So Jesus intercedes for us, not marry.

And that’s a bit like this.

Imagine. If you were to go to the doctors about a sickness and then when you got there you ask to see his mother instead, that just wouldn’t make sense to bypass the one that can cure you to go talk to someone who can’t and he’s got nothing to do with it.

But that’s effectively what Catholics are being taught to do. In the Bible. There are no examples of anyone praying to God through any other name than that of Jesus Christ, and to pray to Mary is actually idolatry.

It is to place her in a position that only Jesus deserves to claim that she can hear a million prayers at once is a loan to make her omnipresent and no one is omnipresent, but god and this is also why we shouldn’t pray to Saints or dead relatives or Angels or anyone else. It is completely unbiblical and futile to pray to God by any other name than that of Jesus.

Should I pray to Mary ?

From the earliest days of Christianity the Christian faithful have had a Devotion to the Virgin Mary the Mother of God.

But why?

For many prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary seemed pointless sensational overly sentimental and even superstitious.

Christian spirituality they rightly object must be based upon the truth of divine revelation Not Mere religious feeling or sentiment.

Well to answer these objections we must first go to the gospels themselves.

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Those books that all Christians share in common does the bible suggests a Devotion to Mary?

The Gospel of John records one of the most important exchanges in the Bible.

During his excruciating passion while hanging from the cross Jesus himself speaks to his mother and Saint John the Apostle standing below.

Jesus says to his mother woman behold your son.

Then he says to the disciple whom he loved behold your mother.

Now. There’s a mystery hidden beneath the brevity of these words from these lines emerge as a powerful message that all Christians must take to heart.

Although the disciple whom Jesus spoke with st. John it is no accident that the Evangelist instead of writing the proper name John uses rather the generic phrase the disciple whom Jesus loved.

Because in a real way all of us who claim to be Disciples of Jesus can put ourselves in the position of that disciple can insert our own proper name as the disciple whom Jesus loved and recognize that what Jesus spoke to the Beloved disciple. He speaks to each of us now.

All Christians who claimed to be Disciples of Jesus all who have been baptized and reborn into him must take his mother married to be their own mothers through faith. We not only have God as our spiritual father.

We have Mary as our spiritual mother.

In other words all who through faith have been adopted as children of God and now cry out to God Abba Father must now cry out to marry mother.

Before he suffered Jesus promised to his Apostles that he would not abandon them. He would not leave them orphans now though not physically present.

He would send the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them through this Spirit Jesus incorporates us into his own trinitarian life and now gives us his heavenly father to be our father now just as natural families have a father and a mother so it is also with our Heavenly family.

Jesus gives us through Grace no less than what he has already given us and modeled for us through nature.

Just as Jesus gives us a heavenly father, so he also gives us a new heavenly mother reborn into Jesus Christ.

Just as we can now call Jesus father our own father.

So it is also that we now call Jesus mother our own mother.

This is why after the exchange of the foot of the cross the Evangelist then records from that hour the disciple took her into his own home.

What does this tell us each Christian today must take marry into the home of his own heart Christian’s today must have a love for the Virgin Mary as their own spiritual mothers for all claim to follow Jesus Christ accepting the Virgin Mary as their own mother and going to her for prayer is not optional.

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All Christians must follow the example of the Beloved disciple at the foot of the cross and take Mary into their own homes.

Now, how can we do this?

First we can cultivate the habit of Simply going to our Blessed Mother in prayer asking her in prayer for her Divine son to give us the things that we need.

Jesus our lord resurrected and ascended into heaven is no less the son of Mary now, then he was the son of Mary during his Earthly life and just as a good Jewish boy who knew the Ten Commandments.

Well, he honors his mother know less now than he did when he was in boy himself.

When Mary prays for us we can rest assured that her son. Our lord. Jesus is listening.

Second we can develop a love for the Holy Rosary that most powerful of Christian prayers through the rosary. We are invited to recite scripture itself while meditating along with Mary on the events of her son’s life the historical events charged with grace that one for us to Salvation in which we now hope But wouldn’t prayer to marry take prayer away from Jesus.

No, if I ask you to pray for me when you refused saying that your intercession on my behalf would somehow take something away from Jesus.

No loving and honoring the Virgin. Mary does no dishonor to Jesus.

In fact, it only honors him more.

To illustrate this let’s turn to an example following the imagery of the Bible an ancient Christian icon of the Virgin Mary who is the Moon the Moon gives light during the night.

It gives Travelers finding their way in the dark a guide, but the moon does not give light by itself the moon only reflects the light that it receives first from the Sun now in the same way. Mary does not shine with her own light, but only shines with the For son, Jesus Mary does not Aid her children with her own Glory, but only brings her children into contact with the glory of Jesus.

One of the greatest compliments that we can give our lord Jesus and indeed one of the greatest gestures of respect that we can show him is to honor and respect his mother.

After all if Jesus loved his mother shouldn’t we honor and love her as well brothers and sisters keep studying.