3 Physical Signs the Holy Spirit is Speaking to You

3 Physical Signs the Holy Spirit is Speaking to You

There are basically three spiritual voices that can communicate with a human. The Holy Spirit, the human spirit, and demonic spirits.  You may wonder why angels are not mentioned in the category stated. It is because, they are ministering spirits, which are under the influence of either the Holy Spirit, or the spirit of the enemy the devil.

How to know the Holy Spirit is talking to you?

Believers get to discern the type of voice that speaks to them, in any given situation as they grow in their relationship with god. Our subject today is how to discern the Holy Spirit is speaking to you.

The Holy Spirit usually confirms his word to believers through several signs, so that they will not be thrown into confusion when they hear him. The Holy Spirit is given as a guide to believers, he speaks but we must be able to decipher his communications with us.

The question of many believers has been, how will I know that the Holy Spirit is speaking to me? Here I am, going to share three signs that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you:

Does the Holy Spirit speak audibly?

The Holy Spirit does not speak audibly, He sends confirmation. What we should know is that the Holy Spirit communicates with everyone in different ways, within the confines of the word of god.

As we grow in our walk with god his pattern of confirming his word to us may change.
What is most important is, that we know when he’s speaking to us and be sure of his signs, this is very important for every believer to know, that god is speaking to them.

There are men in the bible who did not realize that god was speaking to them, I am sure, that there are people who are reading this post right now, who have missed out on god speaking to them, because they did not know the voice of the lord.

A perfect example of this, can be found in the book of Samuel. Samuel was just a young boy, who ministered before the lord, but he had not yet known the lord. At that time god came to him and he did not know how to discern the voice of the lord, because the word of the lord had not yet been revealed to him.
It is amazing that Samuel assumed it was Eli communicating with him. Each time god called for three times Samuel would run to Eli. It was the third time Eli knew by experience, that it was the lord that had called Samuel.

Red string ritual

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Feeling the Holy Spirit for the first time

What have you felt, when the Holy Spirit spoke to you for the first time in your life? And just like Samuel, did you know it was him speaking to you? It was Samuel that heard god’s voice, not Eli. But Eli was the one to confirm what Samuel had heard, in order for Samuel to be sure that the voice he had heard was from god, he needed Eli, so god used Eli to confirm that the voice that Samuel had heard was indeed from god.

The people god will use to confirm, what he has told us may not have a clue about what he has communicated to us. Like god used Eli, he is still using people to confirm his voice to his children. God could use a believer around you, he could also use a stranger who does not know anything about your current situation, or your current matter, god uses confirmation to clear any doubts about what he has communicated to us.

When the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart

Another sign is you have peace within your heart about a decision, a sign by which a believer can know that the Holy Spirit is speaking to him, or her is that you will have great peace in your heart about a current situation, or a decision.

There are times where god will not need to send someone to confirm what he has said, but rather he will give you inner peace of heart.
For instance, if you have prayed to god about a joint business venture, and you suddenly feel a great peace and confidence in your heart, after taking time to pray and to seek the face of the lord, concerning the subject at hand, then that is confirmation. Remember one of the fruits of the holy spirit is peace.

Are you tired of making bad decisions? Are you tired of living in regret? Here is the answer for you my friend, wait and seek the face of the lord before you make another decision. Life is full of decisions, you don’t have to make another bad decision that will cause you to fall for several years.
One decision has the ability to change the trajectory of your life, for better or for worse.

Not just your life, but the life of your family. If you are confronted with a major decision in your life, the best thing you can do for yourself and for your family, is take time to seek the face of the lord. God will answer your prayers, god will give you direction, he will tell you what is right he will tell you what is good, he will tell you what is right for your family. When god speaks, it brings peace to your soul, it brings peace to your spirit, that is one of the major signs that god is speaking to you. The peace of the lord surpasses all understanding.

Do you have peace in your decision? Some people, when they have made decisions and they turn out not to be the right decisions, you hear them saying remorsefully:  “Yes I knew I shouldn’t have done, it because there was a niggling feeling I had. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I disregarded it, and pushed it aside.
In retrospect they realized that god was speaking to them, then that is the importance of trying to understand and know how god speaks to you, and gives you signs. There is a great importance about seeking the face of the lord in every decision we make.

God wants to help you with your decision making, pray to him but when we pray to him we must learn to wait long enough in the place of prayer, before making our decision. If we are in too much haste, in too much of a hurry, our flesh will dictate our decision making.

Several persons, several people have rushed into trouble, and then cried out that they never had the backing of god. Most people made their material, or career, or financial decisions without seeking god’s face, and as a result they failed.

The lord will never lead you astray he’ll give us a sign of his backing, if we care to wait on him so I encourage you today, take time to pray and seek the face of the lord.

When we think about prayer, listening isn’t generally the first thing that comes to mind, but in reality prayer is communion with god, and that requires that we listen to what’s on god’s mind as well as us expressing what’s on our own. Prayer is dialogue between humanity and divinity. There are two lines of communication.

Signs of the Holy Spirit presence

The last and the most important sign is that the voice of the Holy Spirit agrees with the word of god. The Holy Spirit uses to assure us that he’s speaking to us, is that he uses the scripture to back up his words.

The Holy Spirit will never instruct us against the truth that is recorded in this bible. He confirms his word through the written word of god, the bible was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, as such he cannot contradict himself, and therefore the word of god becomes the most reliable proof by which we can confirm the Holy Spirit.

However, believers should be careful not to be deceived by the devil, because the devil sometimes disguises himself as an angel of light, quoting scripture out of context. We can always discern the deception of the devil, because they are not correspondent with biblical truths and standards, as we grow in our relationship with the Holy Spirit our ability to discern is enhanced.

Signs the holy spirit is warning you

  1. The flowing air you feel around you that comes from nowhere for an inexplicable reason you can feel the breeze of air around you and it’s coming from nowhere to be seen not to worry it’s not coming from negative energy but from a spirit trying to gain your attention
  2. Vivid dreams and visions and a sudden flow you can have sudden visions in your dreams where people are speaking to you giving some sort of messages the messages could be about a warning a deja vu or just the way of the spirits to connect with you they are vivid dreams unlike daydreams depending on your situation a spirit will most likely appear in your dreams for you to share their messages with others involved
  3. Receiving abrupt messages in your head it’s a clear sign that a spirit wants to connect with you by filling in your thoughts with brief messages at some point while you’re daydreaming you receive an abrupt message pop in your head what’s unusual about it is that a spirit may talk in your head with their voices probably from someone you knew in the past
  4. Having cold chills or goosebumps without a particular reason having goosebumps all over your body hair is probably the most common sign a spirit is near you a spirit carefully touches your arm or something similar to show their presence around you will feel the chills so try to relax and if you’re lucky you’ll be connected with them through your dreams
  5. Hearing specific songs have you ever experienced hearing specific songs being played numerous times during the day on the radio this is another sign that spirit wants you to know they’re communicating with you
  6. A spirit’s shadow or apparition comes near you sometimes when a spirit wants you to know they’re near they will appear in front of you can see their shadows in the corner of your eyes or even through photos spirits can also do this as you close your eyes at night and you can see their apparition
  7. Smelling a familiar smell another clear sign a spirit is trying to contact you is through a smell spirit will try to remind us about their specific smell maybe your grandparent smells so familiar that you smell their presents once in a while that means they’re looking out for you in another world and would like to communicate with you from time to time
  8. Hearing your name being called do you sometimes hear someone calling out your name in the distance you would ask people around you who is calling your name but no one hears it there is no doubt the voice comes from a spirit near you that’s trying to contact you
  9. Seeing the same animal quite sometimes spirits tend to use animals to get your attention we see identical animals in front of us quite a lot of times a spirit is sending out their presence to you through these identical animals

Is goosebumps a sign of the holy spirit?

If someone’s telling you a story, or you’re listening to a song, or you’re reading something, or you see something and you get goosebumps, you know it’s holy spirit telling you maybe one of different things: To tell you that this is an important topic, or to tell you that yes to do it like an affirmation of whatever you’re doing, or to sort of point you in the right direction of what you know you should be focusing on life, or what’s important in life, or just sort of to say hey we’re here.

A couple times when I get goosebumps, and sometimes it’s like when I’m getting a sign from spirit

The other way is that, if you are listening to a story, maybe someone’s telling your story, where somebody was acting out of love, some sentimental story and you’ll get goosebumps. I think that holy spirit is saying this is important, this is what life’s about showing love and caring about others.