How to Achieve Higher Spiritual Consciousness and Awakeners State?

One of the most interesting topics that people want to know about, is how to prepare our spiritual consciousness and state of mind for an outing, or a date, or some kind of engagement where it’s really important to be in the right frame of mind.

How to achieve higher spiritual consciousness? The Kabbalah speaks a lot about this in terms of how we engage with the outside world, so we’ll talk about it in three steps, or three levels.

What is a human life? It’s really just states of awareness. Your human experience goes from deep sleep, right? When you sleep at night, then go into this place of vivid dreaming where your consciousness awakes.

Deep sleep, no consciousness. No conscious awareness at all. Then you have the dream state, where you can be anything you want, anyone you want. Then you go into this state of awakening. Now, I’m in an awake state. I could talk to you. I can hear the sounds around me. I can think. I can process thoughts. At the same time, it’s just a state of awareness. A state of consciousness.

There are higher states of consciousness. Now, whether you want to achieve these higher states, it’s completely up to you. Nobody is forcing you, hey, become more spiritual. So every single person has seen– has been in these higher states of awareness.

3 steps to achieve higher spiritual consciousness state

  1. The first step is the kabbalah share that it is very important, no matter where we go what we do, especially if we’re going out on a date, that we’re never coming from a place of lack, that a person feels full inside feels that’s really what security confidence and certainty are, it’s when I feel full inside.
    Because if the whole purpose of life is to be a giver and that’s how we connect to the light of the Creator and bring blessings and miracles. What can I give if I have a lack inside and each one of us we should check ourselves, before meeting, or before a date of any kind, how do I feel inside do I feel empty? Do I feel lacking? Do I feel afraid? Do I feel like I need something to feel complete? If that is the case I need to meditate, I need to readjust my consciousness and connect to the fact that I have everything I need.
  2. Step two talks about for anything to have blessing it has to be of a giving nature. I have to be giving for example public speaking. If public speaking is a guy or a girl going on a stage, because he or she wants to be heard, or to feed his or her own ego, so this is not giving this is taking. Even though it looks like they’re giving because they’re going on a stage and sharing information, if it’s about what they think of me, then it becomes not giving, but taking.
    When we go out on this date, how are we engaging this other person? Are we really giving? Just to be able to ask for help to be a giver, please help me up sharing consciousness. Sharing consciousness often just means not being a taker, and not being a taker go back to the first step, which is feeling full inside.
    If I feel full I won’t take, so that’s the second part of the consciousness is being the giver, sometimes talking about myself is being a giver, because the other person generally wants to know. Sometimes just listening is being the giver, because you have to tap into the fact that this other person wants to speak, and they just want someone to listen to them. Giving has many different meanings. We have to be able to be sensitive enough, in every situation to realize what does it mean for me in this case to be a giver?
  3. The third step applies even the most powerful. If I want this big to go so well, I want this person to like me, I want them to like me, so the creator says: okay, I’ll help them like you, but what if they’re not meant for me, what if they’re going to destroy my life what if it’s going to be a relationship is going to take away three years of my time only to get back to the same place I was before, how will I ever know.
    If I’m so focused on it’s got to go my way, then I’m limiting my destiny. I’m not allowing the light of the Creator to come in to bring blessings, or to show me truth, and that doesn’t mean that I need to go with doubts or insecurity or fear we need to go with the first two things we talked about, certainty confidence I’m full I don’t need anything, I don’t want my feelings to control me, because that’s what happens, our feelings get the best of us, our feelings manipulate our mind and our emotions, we feel so strongly attached to someone when in reality that’s the person who’s taking us on the wrong path, so how do we avoid the long lengthy process, before we walk out that door talk to the Creator say I’m open. I’m going to give it a hundred percent when you give it all my love all my care I’m going to give it everything, but not meant for me I’m open, show me, take it away make sure they don’t call back.
    By the way that’s sometimes why they don’t call back, and if it hurts us if they didn’t call back it means we didn’t really let go, it means not really aligned with what the creator wants for us, because once we get aligned the blessings will be endless. Once we get aligned with what the Creator wants, and it’s true it’s realty side lets us intellectualize there letting go of iridium holding on really deep inside I let go, watch the blessings come, then watch how much happiness and success we have on our outings on these days on basically anything we do, we go out into this world
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