What Is Kabbalah Water of Life?

What Is Kabbalah Water of Life?

The human body contains mostly water. As the person gets older, the percentage of water in the human body decreases.

If we consider Kabbalah water, water represents the rate of mercy and grace. Therefore, from mystical Kabbalistic point of view, as a person grows older his natural tendency to be distracted by “background noise”, prejudice, and discrimination.

The person then formulates opinion and makes decisions about how to behave, what is right and what is wrong, and thus greatly reducing the degree of grace and mercy embedded inside him.

Purity of Water

Water is an element that has purity inside. The power of purifying equalized that, when a person wants to go to the “Mikveh”, to make themselves pure, for purity reasons.

The idea is, that water is like stepping into a Kabbalistic realm at the roots of reality, at the source of reality.

In that place you can actually turn around reality, you can make what was existed into something that’s totally different. I mean you can make miracles happen, you can you can change reality, because water has is an element, it’s also the lowest development’s, it goes and flows down to low places, it’s very humble in that way, but it’s also flowing, and it’s all interconnected, which you can’t say the same about rocks, or sand, or mountains, or trees. So, that interconnection is what turns you around from being a person of separateness to being a person of connectedness. That’s the best purification of water.