Meaning of Ancient Hebrew Alphabet Secret Letters

The Secret Hebrew alphabet letters is one of the basic Kabbalistic tools for showing and explaining the origin of the universe, its structure, hierarchy, forces, and laws that govern it.

It also explains the microcosm because the alphabet helps us understand ourselves and serves as a means of re-establishing the broken connections between the material and the higher worlds.

INTRO- Secrets of The Hebrew Letters

The study of Kabbalah, even at the most basic level, requires knowledge of the alphabet.

When this area is considered, our consciousness must again be raised above the frame of the five senses, and we need to remind ourselves of the Kabbalistic teaching that we are limited to perception of only one percent of the reality.

Otherwise, the entire purpose of studying the alphabet would be meaningless, because it has nothing to do with the understanding of the world in the way it is currently accepted.

The oldest and one of the most important Kabbalistic books, Sefer Yetzirah, or The Book of Creation, states that God had created a complete universe using 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Hebrew Alphabet chart
Hebrew Alphabet Chart

They contain the entire energy of creation and letters are the building blocks by which God created the world “through uttering words”. The combination and permutation of the letters contains all creative forces within itself.

As creation is a two-way process, from God to us and back again, from man to God, the letters also contain all the necessary spiritual conditions that man passes in his climbing the ladder toward the Creator.

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Seeing that everything in Kabbalah is represented through the most diverse relationships, the letters are also connected with the attributes of God, the Tree of Life, the five worlds, the parts of the human body, and the qualities of man. Since this is the most basic text about the alphabet, a deeper analysis is not the purpose of this book, and anyone who feels the attraction of this magical energy can peel off layers of veils that cover letters and their energy in various Kabbalistic books.

The Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 letters, all of which are consonants, written from right to left, and the name comes from the first two letters, Aleph and Bet (A and B). Vowels are marked with special characters that stand above, below or next to the letters.

Each letter carries a certain spiritual energy, with vertical lines denoting the Light that goes from God downward, and the horizontal tells us that this energy covers everything that exists. Square and compasses, Masonic tools, carry a similar symbolism in them. The shape of each letter has a specific purpose and explanation.

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