Five Tips For What to Wear To A Rosary Service

What to Wear To A Rosary Service

The Rosary is a Catholic prayer and devotion that was started by Saint Dominic in 1208. Rosary services can be done individually or with other people. A Rosary service is usually held to pray for intentions, such as the intention of healing from illness, for an end to poverty, or for world peace. There are … Read more

Does God Answer Unspoken Prayers?

Does God Answer Unspoken Prayers

Yes, god answers unspoken prayers, although there are moments where we have to completely forget everything and lift your hands to worship. When was the last time that you decided to raise your hands and worship instead of bowing your head and worry? When did you last say have your way Lord, instead of thinking … Read more

Is Holy Water Same as Regular Water? [Explained]

Is Holy Water Same as Regular Water?

Holy water is a traditional symbol in Christianity as well as other faiths such as Judaism. It appears as regular water, but it is considered spiritually significant to believers. But what exactly makes it different than regular water? This answer depends on what you believe. There are different types of holy water in the Christian … Read more