SATAN Names: Beelzebub, Lucifer( the fallen angel) and Devil

Satan meaning in Hebrew

While it’s theorized, that the name comes from the Hebrew word “HaSatan” which means “enemy”, where the number 666 is associated with the Satan.

History of satan

Where did Satan came from? a Yadavas legend tells a story of a city in India called Satana. The people of Satana decided to resolve their difference with one of the indian dynasties of the time with a conflict in which the “satan” people eventually lost. Through time we have come to think of Satan as a being who lost the battle but never the war.

Beelzebub: Ba’al zebub (Ba’al zvuv) meaning

Another name associated with the Satan (and perhaps the funniest one to say) is Beelzebub. The name has origins in the Hebrew language and is a combination of two words of the language: Ba’al which means to be lord over, and Zebub which means fly.

This means, that Beelzebub literally translates to “Lord Of The Fly” and throughout history has been depicted as a monstrous demonic fly, and of course a pigs head on a stick.

Devil names and meaning

The Devil throughout religion and History has taken many forms, from a serpent in the Garden of Eden to the classic red skinned horned beast we know today, and that’s just in Christianity.

Yet, not only has he had many forms he has many names too, where do all these names come from and how do they interact with one another?

Many of the most popular religions in the world have a devil character. Yet just because they are all devils doesn’t mean they are all the same character across religions.

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Devil is something of a blanket term that religions use for figures who oppose god. In the way different movies have different villains, different religions have different devils, though thinking about it would be pretty cool if Darth Vader was the villain in every movie. The term devil has evolved through language from the ancient Greek word “Diabolos”, which means to slander, which of course is not only the route for the adjective diabolical but the Spanish name for the devil Diablo.

is satan lucifer’s brother?

Which of them are the supreme ruler of the underworld, who is the king of sin, the embodiment of evil, the devil.

Well, they both are because Satan and Lucifer are the same person, that person being the devil of Christianity. The name Lucifer comes from Latin meaning “light bringer and morning star”. The etymology behind Satan is not as clear to us.

Is satan a fallen angel?

While the bible never directly tells us that Lucifer is Satan it’s not hard to put the pieces together. Lucifer was one of God’s angels who battled against him, and in failing was banished to Hell for doing so, bringing evil and temptation to the humans.

The fall of Lucifer is described in Isaiah 14:12 and in Luke 10:18 Jesus says he “saw Satan fall like lighting from heaven” making it easy for us to interpret that the fallen angle Lucifer became Satan.

Islam too has a devil and the story of their devil parallels Christianity as they are both Abrahamic Religions. Allah created three intelligent species, humans, angels, and Jinn. While I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you know what angels and humans are, the Jinn were beings Allah created with free will from flameless smoke that live in a world parallel to mankind.

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One of these Jinn was named Iblis. When Allah created Adam he commanded all the angels and Jinn to prostrate to him. All did but Iblis. Iblis believe he was superior to Adam and for this Allah banished him for eternity to Jahannam. Iblis vowed to use his eternity to lead all women and man astray and was thereafter known as Shaitan. A name not dissimilar to Satan, and it’s even thought that the name Iblis comes from the same root as devil, the Latin Diabolos.

So now, whatever you choose to call the beast from below, at least you now know where his many names come from.

Is satan omnipresent?

Is Satan everywhere at the same time? Is the devil omnipresent?.
I see no scriptural emphasis on that, or no scriptural backing for that whatsoever. God alone is omnipresent, angels are not omnipresent, created beings are not omnipresent, and Satan is both a creative being and an angel, a fallen created being, a fallen angel.

Matthew chapter 4 verse 11: after Jesus is being tempted in the wilderness it says this: “Then the devil left him, and behold angels came and were ministering to him”. So, Satan left angels came. Neither of them are omnipresent. Just because Satan is a spirit being, and we can’t see him you get out of the feeling well he’s omnipresent. Only God fills universe, only is it said of God and Psalm 139 where can I go from your spirit.

Satan is a powerful dark spiritual being very powerful, very deceptive and he has a well-organized army of demon powers under him, well those are fallen angels wherever we get the class of demons from and and they are sent out, and when we resist demons we are resisting Satan.

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How satan uses anxiety?

Anxiety and stress, grief and depression is sometimes a tactic of Satan. Sometimes Satan wants your anxiety to become so much, that you stop living a normal life, you don’t have a relationship with God, so realize this is not even from you, this could be coming from Satan, it’s not coming from within, it’s the response of Satan and that will help you overcome, because when you know it’s not your fault, when you know it is the enemy of God and the enemy of Adam, and the enemy of mankind, Satan is an enemy to you,

One of the tactics of Satan is anxiety. God says: Those secret gatherings the hypocrites are doing, it is from satan who wants you to be stressed out, he wants you to be anxious, he wants you to have that depression, so anxiety could be in some occasions, coming 100% from Satan not from you.

Satan using it as a technique to divert you from your world, so that you don’t live a comfortable life. This is a part of the tactic of Satan and knowing this helps us overcome anxiety.