Ana Bekoach Hebrew Prayer: Lyrics,English Meaning,Translation

In this post I will provide the Ana Bekoach English lyrics as well the meaning lyrics for Ana Bekoach.

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Ana Bekoach prayer English lyrics

Ana-BeKoach Lyrics Transliterated

Ana bekoach prayer english translation

Ana-BeKoach Lyrics in Hebrew
Ana-BeKoach Lyrics in English Translation

Ana Bekoach prayer meaning

What is Ana Bekoach prayer meaning? Of the many varied prayers used by Kabbalists, the most famous and powerful is “Ana BeKoach”, or as it is also called, “The Forty-Two Names of God”. It captures great attention and interest.

This prayer shows all the complexity and power of Kabbalah , the correspondence it uses, and in the best way the proper use and power of words and speech. Kabbalists use it every day, most often in the morning, but it can be used several times a day, whenever the Kabbalist feels there is a need for it. Ana BeKoach has countless effects.

The most important is the complete transformation of the Kabbalist’s energetic aura, overcoming restrictions of the physical world, connection with higher dimensions of consciousness, and rise into higher worlds. It sounds incredible, as many things in Kabbalah do when they are viewed through the prism of ordinary people.

The structure of this prayer is specific. It consists of forty-two words, each of which represents a huge force of energy. By connecting with each of them through speech and proper concentration, miracles can happen not only to the Kabbalist who is using them, but also to his surroundings.

The words are divided into seven lines, six words in each. Seven lines denote the seven days of creation, so the pronunciation of a word from each line connects us with the beginning of the whole existence and each problem solves and balances out at its inception.

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Also, each line is connected with a Sefirah, from Chesed to Malkuth, so Kabbalists balances with energies of all spiritual levels that have an impact on the material world. The three upper sefirot are related to the spiritual levels that transcend the level of human existence and are not included in this prayer.

Ana Bekoach Practical Effect

The practical effect of this prayer is even more fascinating. The Kabbalist gets connected with angels, in this case with the seraphim. I would remind the reader to open up their consciousness and accept the existence of a vast part of reality that we are not aware of—in this case, angels—which quite certainly exists outside of human perception.

The seraphim have six wings, which correspond to six words in each line. Two wings cover their faces, two cover their legs, and two they use for flying. Six wings correspond to East, West, North, South, Up, and Down—six directions that determine the linear dimension of physical existence. They have the ability to control all six dimensions and by connecting with them, Kabbalists rise to the reality of harmony and spirituality.

Words are spoken in pairs. The first pair of each line generates energetic protection from the influence of the outside world, events, people, emotions, which disturb the harmony of people. In this way, the Kabbalist is resistant to any challenges that the physical world imposes upon him and accepts it with peace.

The second pair of words balances the inner, spiritual, aspect of man, not allowing him to slip on the road toward the Light but aligns progress in the precisely determined rhythm that belongs to the Kabbalist at that moment.

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The third pair of words elevates him to the higher levels of consciousness where he should be and from where he can further progress.

The effects of this prayer are miraculous. Every time during every day, when they find themselves stuck in a situation or need an answer to a question, Kabbalists use Ana BeKoach, performing, as they say, miracles in their lives.

Enjoy the Ana Bekoach Prayer

Ana Bekoach Prayer