How to Pronounce Sacred 72 Names of God Guardian Angels?

How to Pronounce Sacred 72 Names of God Guardian Angels?

How exactly pronounce the sacred 72 names of god guardian angles? In order to pronounce the 72 guardian angles names, we need to understand that those 72 angles names are comprised of 216 Hebrew letters.

So in that sense it is a name with 72 parts. The name is divided into triads which means, that every name is comprised of 3 letters.

To create the first name you combine the first letter of Verse 14:19 the last letter of Verse 14:20 and the first letter of verse 14:21. You would continue this until all the letters in these verses are used.  Here is what these verses look like in Hebrew.

Sacred 72 names of god guardian angels pronunciation in Hebrew

For Illustrative purposes I will show you how some of the 72 names of god guardian angles, that are derived from the three Hebrew passages.

For the first name, I will highlight the letters in yellow, second name in red and third name is green. I will not go through this process for every name, I just want to show you how the names were derived.

Name one:   “והו”

Name of God והו

Name two:   “ילי”

Name of God ילי

Name three:   “סיט”

Red string ritual

Red string ritual video
Name of God סיט
72 Sacred Names of God

According to the Jewish Mystical tradition, the discovery of the 72 names was a huge spiritual breakthrough. The prime text in the Jewish mystical tradition (The Book of Zohar) states that the moment Moses discovered the 72 names and how he could use them, this changed everything for the Hebrews. As they were crossing the Red Sea at first, the water did not part. They were up to their necks in water. But when, in faith, Moses used the 72 names of God, the water parted. It was only after this event did the actual verses get put on paper.

As you can see, it is not so much history as it is a story behind the name and where it came from. This lack of historical evidence is by no means an indication that it is not true or powerful. One thing we do know for certain is that the names are powerful. People from all over the world and from all walks of life have used these names to change their lives.

How to use the 72 names of god

  1. Think of the Issue You need Resolution for.
  2. Pronounce the Name.
  3. Say the Psalms Passage That equates with the Angel.
  4. Finish with saying “Let it be done”.

72 names of god chart and pronunciation in English

72 minutes 1 hour and 12 minutes.

These are the steps for god 72 angles’ pronunciation in English:

  1. VEHUIAH angle pronunciation: Va-He-va

    If you need a fresh start in life. Also bestows wisdom.VEHUIAH angle pronunciation

  2. JELIEL angle pronunciation: Ya-Li-Ye

    Enhances love and also defends you if you are wrongfully accused.JELIEL angle pronunciation

  3. SITAEL angle pronunciation: Sa-Yo-Te

    General protection from adversities.
    SITAEL angle pronunciation

  4. ELEMIAH angle pronunciation: E-Le-Ma

    Protects you when you travel. Also works against mental disorders.
    ELEMIAH angle pronunciation

  5. MAHASIAH angle pronunciation: Ma-He-Shi

    Will help you live in harmony with those around you. Also bestows occult knowledge.MAHASIAH angle pronunciation

  6. LELAHEL angle pronunciation: La-La-he

    To acquire knowledge of healing as well as the arts. Can increase your fortune and fame.LELAHEL angle pronunciation

  7. ACHAIAH angle pronunciation: A-Ch-A

    Bestows Patience and the love of learning.ACHAIAH angle pronunciation

  8. CAHETEL angle pronunciation: Ch-He-Ta

    Will call down upon you Divine Blessings against evil.CAHETEL angle pronunciation

  9. HAZIEL angle pronunciation: He-Za-Ye

    Divine Mercy and Forgiveness. A very good angel.HAZIEL angle pronunciation

  10. ALADIAH angle pronunciation: A-La-Da

    Bestows good health but also governs anger and rage.ALADIAH angle pronunciation

  11. LAUVIAH angle pronunciation: La-A-Va

    For the obtainment of Victory in your endeavors.LAUVIAH angle pronunciation

  12. HAHAIAH angle pronunciation: He-He-A

    Will Help you against adversity. He will also help you with lucid dreaming. He will also help you discern secrets.

    HAHAIAH angle pronunciation

  13. YEZALEL angle pronunciation: Ye-Za-La

    He can help you sustain friendships and mend fences.YEZALEL angle pronunciation

  14. MEBAHEL angle pronunciation: Me-Ve-He

    This angel stands for Justice, truth and freedom.MEBAHEL angle pronunciation

  15. HARIEL angle pronunciation: He-Re-Yo

    Helps one create a Moral purification of the mind.HARIEL angle pronunciation

  16. HAKAMIAH angle pronunciation: He-Ko-Me

    Enhances Loyalty and is good to discern disloyalty.HAKAMIAH angle pronunciation

  17. LAVIAH angle pronunciation: La-A-Va

    This angel is great for prophetic Revelations in dreams. Also a lover of the Arts.LAVIAH angle pronunciation

  18. CALIEL angle pronunciation: Ka-La-Ye

    If you need help quickly this angel works very fast. Especially with legal issues.CALIEL angle pronunciation

  19. LEUVIAH angle pronunciation: Le-A-Va

    Helps expand the human intellect to new levels, also good for memory and whole brain thinking.

    LEUVIAH angle pronunciation

  20. PAHALIAH angle pronunciation: Pa-He-La

    Good for protection of those who lead the spiritual life. Also keeps spiritual people on track.PAHALIAH angle pronunciation

  21. NELCHAEL angle pronunciation: Nu-La-Kha

    Will help you learn any topic. He is also good for the elimination of curses and evil entities.NELCHAEL angle pronunciation

  22. YEIAYEL angle pronunciation: Ye-Ye-Ye

    He will bestows fortune, fame and renown to the one using him. Also good for one who wants to start a business.

    YEIAYEL angle pronunciation

  23. MELAHEL angle pronunciation: Me-La-He

    Has a great healing capacity. He also inspires courage in a person.MELAHEL angle pronunciation

  24. HAHEUIAH angle pronunciation: Che-He-Va-Ya

    General protection.

    HAHEUIAH angle pronunciation

  25. NITH-HAIAH angle pronunciation: Nu-Ta-He-Ya

    This angel is very powerful and will help you discover Spiritual Wisdom and Magic.NITH-HAIAH angle pronunciation

  26. HAAIAH angle pronunciation: He-A-A-Ya

    For those in politics this angel is very good. He also increases Ambition if that is what you need.

    HAAIAH angle pronunciation

  27. YERATEL angle pronunciation: Yo-Re-Ta-El

    He will confuse those who want to harm you. He is a lover of peace and justice.YERATEL angle pronunciation

  28. SEHEIAH angle pronunciation: Shi-A-He-Ya

    Is a protector of health and longevity.SEHEIAH angle pronunciation

  29. REIYEL angle pronunciation: Re-Yo-El

    Liberation from enemies, both physical and invisible. He is also a defender of spiritual truth.REIYEL angle pronunciation

  30. OMAEL angle pronunciation: A-Va-Me-El

    He is very good at dispelling depression and impatience. He is also a patron angel of Doctors.

    OMAEL angle pronunciation

  31. LACABEL angle pronunciation: La-Cha-Be-El

    Very good for the acquisition of knowledge.

  32. VASARIAH angle pronunciation: Va-Shi-Re-Ya

    Helps one attract harmony and mercy into one’s life. Also helps one becomes more articulate. VASARIAH angle pronunciation

  33. YEHUIAH angle pronunciation: Yo-Khe-Va-Ya

    Will help you discovers those who are against you. YEHUIAH angle pronunciation

  34. LEHAHIAH angle pronunciation: La-He-Khe-Ya

    If you have issues with anger, this angel can help you get it under control.LEHAHIAH angle pronunciation

  35. CHEVAKIAH angle pronunciation: Cha-Va-Ko-Ya

    This angel will help you reconcile with those you may have harmed. He is a promoter of peace.

    CHEVAKIAH angle pronunciation

  36. MENADEL angle pronunciation: Me-Nu-Da-El

    Helps protect your employment and to preserve your livelihood from layoffs and other misfortunes.

    MENADEL angle pronunciation

  37. ANIEL angle pronunciation: A-Nu-Yo-El

    Inspires philosophical knowledge also makes one deeply knowledgeable in the arts and sciences.

    ANIEL angle pronunciation

  38. HAAMIAH angle pronunciation: Che-A-Me-Ya

    Will help you gain reward on earth and in heaven. He governs all that relates to the divine.HAAMIAH angle pronunciation

  39. REHAEL angle pronunciation: Re-He-A-El

    Is a great healer of the sick.

  40. YEIAZEL angle pronunciation: Yo-Yo-Za-El

    If you are troubled. He will bestow Gods Consolation and Comfort.

  41. HAHAHEL angle pronunciation: He-He-He

    If you feel you have a divine mission, he will help you discern it.HAHAHEL angle pronunciation

  42. MIKHAEL angle pronunciation: Me-Yo-Cha

    He is concerned with political affairs. He also protects travelers.MIKHAEL angle pronunciation

  43. VEULIAH angle pronunciation: Va-Va-La

    Will protect you from your enemies. He is also a patron of people who are in the military.VEULIAH angle pronunciation

  44. YELAHIAH angle pronunciation: Yo-La-He

    Will help you be successful in all your undertakings.YELAHIAH angle pronunciation

  45. SEHALIAH angle pronunciation: Sa-A-La

    He will increase Motivation and willpowerSEHALIAH angle pronunciation

  46. ARIEL angle pronunciation: A-Re-Yo

    He will increase your gratitude for the things you have. He will also bestow great secrets.ARIEL angle pronunciation

  47. ASALIAH angle pronunciation: A-Shi-La

    A great angel to increase contemplation of the divine.ASALIAH angle pronunciation

  48. MIHAEL angle pronunciation: Me-Yo-He

    Great for reuniting couples. Angel of love and fertility as well.MIHAEL angle pronunciation

  49. VEHUEL angle pronunciation: Va-He-Va

    Will help eliminate Sorrow.

    VEHUEL angle pronunciation

  50. DANIEL angle pronunciation: Da-Nu-Yo

    To help you obtain the mercy of the divine. He can also help you prevail in legal proceedings, a patron of people in the Legal profession.DANIEL angle pronunciation

  51. HAHASIAH angle pronunciation: He-He-Shi

    Will help you discern the mysteries of life.HAHASIAH angle pronunciation

  52. IMAMIAH angle pronunciation: A-Me-Me

    Patron of prisoners. Will also humble all those who wish to harm you.IMAMIAH angle pronunciation

  53. NANAEL angle pronunciation: Nu-Nu-A

    Will help your Spiritual Communication with the divine and spirit realms. Will also help with meditation.

    NANAEL angle pronunciation

  54. NITHAEL angle pronunciation: Nu-Yo-Ta

    To obtain God’s mercy and to help you live a long life. Will also help you with writing eloquently.

    NITHAEL angle pronunciation

  55. MEBAHIAH angle pronunciation: Me-Ve-He

    Will help you perform good deeds. Will show you what to do for your soul.MEBAHIAH  angle pronunciation

  56. POYEL angle pronunciation: Pe-Va-Yo

    For general fulfillment of what you desire. Governs fame and fortune.POYEL angle pronunciation

  57. NEMAMIAH angle pronunciation: Nu-Me-Me

    For general prosperity.

    NEMAMIAH angle pronunciation

  58. YEIALEL angle pronunciation: Yo-Yo-La

    Will help improve your mental state. Also good for healing the eyes.YEIALEL angle pronunciation

  59. HARAHEL angle pronunciation: He-Re-Che

    Helps with fertility issues in women. Also helps you calm your disobedient child. HARAHEL angle pronunciation

  60. MITZRAEL angle pronunciation: Me-Za-Re

    Good for the remediation of all mental illness.MITZRAEL angle pronunciation

  61. UMABEL angle pronunciation: Wa-Me-Ve

    Will help you become more social and make more friends. Great for shy people.UMABEL angle pronunciation

  62. IAH-HEL angle pronunciation: Yo-He-He

    Great for the acquisition of wisdom and philosophy.IAH-HEL angle pronunciation

  63. ANAUEL angle pronunciation: A-Nu-Va

    Great for protection while traveling. He also governs business, banking and commerce in general.

    ANAUEL angle pronunciation

  64. MEHIEL angle pronunciation: Me-He-Yo

    Protection from wild animals. Good for those who work as veterinarians or in zoos. Also a patron of professors.

    MEHIEL angle pronunciation

  65. DAMABIAH angle pronunciation: Da-Me-Ve

    Helps attract great fortune. Also a wonderful angel against curses and hexes.DAMABIAH angle pronunciation

  66. MANAKEL angle pronunciation: Me-Nu-Ke

    If you feel that divine wrath is upon you. This angel will intercede on your behalf. He will also heal various neurological disorders.MANAKEL angle pronunciation

  67. EYAEL angle pronunciation: A-Yo-A

    If you seek truth, no matter it be earthly or spiritual, this angel well help you obtain it.EYAEL angle pronunciation

  68. HABUHIAH angle pronunciation: Che-Be-Va

    This angel is a great healer. He also facilitates agriculture and gardening.HABUHIAH angle pronunciation

  69. ROCHEL angle pronunciation: Re-A-He

    Will help you find lost objects.

    ROCHEL angle pronunciation

  70. JABAMIAH angle pronunciation: Yo-Ve-Me

    This angel will help you on your spiritual path.JABAMIAH angle pronunciation

  71. HAIYAEL angle pronunciation: He-Yo-Ye

    Divine Warrior and protector. He is good for general protection.HAIYAEL angle pronunciation

  72. MUMIAH angle pronunciation: Me-Va-Me

    He brings success in all things.

    MUMIAH angle pronunciation

Sacred 72 names of god guardian angels in kabbalah

What Is An Angel?

Almost every religion in the world believes in angels of some sort or another. Angels are entities that are often considered helpers of God. They are also considered helpers of mankind. They are intermediaries of divine will and each angel has a purpose. The word angel is derived from the Green “Angelos” which means messenger.

In Hebrew the word for angel is “Malach” which also has the same meaning. Generally speaking, Angels are spiritual beings without a physical form. Although the bible and other spiritual texts describe them with wings and other limbs. They are, in essence, pure divine energy. The reason they are described with a body is so we can experience their energy with our senses. Since we are sensory driven, the angels will appear in ways that would allow us to interact and identify them. As I stated earlier, Angels are messengers and helpers of God.

Every angel has its purpose. For example, the Angel Raphael is God’s servant of healing. The major angels are constantly relaying God’s divine energy through them for us and the universe in general. Some angels do this work for all eternity while some angels are created for one purpose and mission and when that mission is complete, they no longer exists. In Jewish tradition it is said that whenever a person does a good deed, they “create” an angelic advocate. This also applies if a person does an evil deed; they create an angelic accuser. These angelic advocates are created from the mental and emotional energy you expend when you commit the act.

Although we are discussing angels that are linked to the divine names of God, it does not mean these Angels are temperamentally the same. While some convey positive energy, others convey negative energy. In saying that, let’s not confuse negative energy with evil. Just like there is a positive and negative charge in a battery, so do the angels. Each side of a battery is neither good nor evil, they are simply polar opposites to create the charge. The same for angels. Some of these angels will have a negative charge.

Who is My Guardian Angel ?

In order to tap into the powers of these angels we need to follow a few VERY SIMPLE steps. Unlike other books on this topic, we will not be doing anything elaborate or time consuming. These energies are spiritual and are not subject to human temperaments.

We can only ask them for assistance but in no way are we subjugating them nor will they be subjugated by contrived rituals that even the users who condone them do not know where they really originated from.

Most rituals are used to Anchor the mind but they do nothing to the spirits. In the 72 sessions that will follow, I will chose an issue based on the angels functions as examples. You may have other issues you may want to use. I will use the most common.

In Conclusion

If you feel you need to light candles and incense you may do so, but these angels do not require anything more than your honest request. Please note, the English spelling of the angelic names and how I transliterate it will be different for some angels. That is because I am pronouncing it in Hebrew which will differ from how it might be spelled in English.

YHVH (Creator-God; Adonai Elohim) was indeed a distant and mysterious Entity, as YHVH was never flesh (or corporeal), until that epoch in time, when YHVH took on the flesh of mortal man, and from then until now, we as His disciples, still call Him Yeshua the Messiah.

That epoch made it possible for us mortals to be the habitation of the (Holy) Spirit the YHVH, and thus be as One (John 17).

The mystery and mystics are over for those of us who are in a marriage level, daily-dying, personal relationship with YHVH, via the auspices of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which dwells within us.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1), so that His Spirit can dwell within us. We are no longer mystified by the written words, for they were all inspired by the very Holy Spirit that now rules our hearts and minds.