What Does Jewish Merkabah Means- How To Activate

Merkabah Definition and Meaning

The Jewish Merkabah Chariot was thought to be a divine Light-Vehicle which transported people from one dimension to the next. You can think of it as a spiritual ‘spaceship’ of sorts.

The Merkabah is counter-rotating fields of light, in the shape of two inter-locked tetrahedral, where one point of the tetrahedra points up and the other points down forming the shape of a Star Tetrahedron.

This is why it is referred in the Jewish mysticism as the Chariot of Ascension. When viewed, it looks like a three-dimensional Star of David. Why? – Because the Star of David came about because people were observing the Merkabah. This is why the Star of David, among other things, represents the idea of the soul transcending the temporal world.

Even though the Merkabah has been witnessed by mankind since spiritual-curiosity arose, the Merkabah made its major debut in human consciousness before Jesus was born, amongst those who practiced early Jewish mysticism.

It showed up in their visions. They began calling it Merkabah which means ‘To Ride’ or ‘Thing To Ride In’, depending on its usage. They believed the Merkabah to be a spiritual chariot of sorts.

Amongst religious scholars of that time it was hailed as a Chariot of the Gods. The Merkabah became a secret doctrine, only known to few. A few scholars and philosophers, and rabbis, preserved the information about the Merkabah, while many others forbid the study of it.

Because of this, over the years, we’ve become somewhat confused… All over the world there are people that have their own ideas about what the Merkabah is and not many of them agree.This is why my Inbox has been flooded with emails asking me to put my spin on the Merkabah.

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How to Activate Merkabah

It has long been thought that the Merkabah sits inside the base of someone’s Base Chakra. And that when someone activates their Merkabah, it expands to encompass their body. And that, that Merkabah can be activated through spinning techniques or breath work techniques or focus exercises.

The average human consciousness does not understand, that consciousness can exit and enter this dimension, because it understands things in terms of movement, and, movement, in terms of travel.

And when the human brain thinks of movement and travel it thinks of a vehicle – it can’t conceive of movement taking place outside the reality-construct of a vehicle. And so, the Merkabah has been seen as a vehicle for thousands of years.

The Merkabah is a geometric pattern that moves either like a torus or like counter-rotating light-fields. The energy field of a person (which is always present) takes on this pattern which indicates that a person’s consciousness is no longer purely focused physically and is now able to travel (or is travelling) through other dimensional Realities.

Take this one step further – when the Merkabah is activated to its full potential, it indicates that a person is able to take their body through stargates and other dimensional Realities instead of simply taking their consciousness to other dimensional realities while leaving their body behind.

The fully activated Merkabah indicates that a person is able to transform the entire body into Light – it is a form of Light Travel. In other words, in the final stages of Merkabah activation, through a shift in consciousness, the Mind, Spirit and Body completely integrate into one pattern of Light and is then able to transcend the limitation of the physical Time-Space Reality.

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Herein lies the problem

Humans think that the Merkabah is a pre-requisite for ascension. In reality, it is a physical symptom. In other words, it is a “result”” of ascension.

Physical human consciousness has a difficult time understanding ascension. But ascension is really only a shift in perspectives. it’s shifting to a perspective which takes-in a more objective view of the reality we live in and of the universe Itself.

There are thousands of techniques to enable a person to shift their perspective. All of these techniques help a person get closer to Ascension. It is thought which prohibits someone from exiting the physical dimension. It is thought which enables a person to exit the physical dimension. He who manipulates thought manipulates the matrix of this universe.

Thought is an inter-dimensional vehicle. This is why the most beneficial teachers of ascension are focused on one primary thing – and that is to help you alter your perspective, that is to help you work with thought as if it is the clay that is molding your reality.

They help a person to develop an open and a flexible mind. You cannot activate the Merkabah so that the Merkabah itself assists you to reach other dimensions or to ascend. Instead, the Merkabah activates on its own as a result of shifting consciousness.

The Merkabah is a symptom of increasing the Vibration of Consciousness – not a cause of increasing consciousness. The Merkabah becomes ‘alive’ and the Merkabah becoming alive means the energy field of a person reflects the fact that they have developed a pattern of consciousness which enables their perspective to be unrestricted by the limits of Vibrational density of the physical dimension.

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The Triangle is a pattern we see that emerges as a result of directed-consciousness (which is experienced as movement). It is also a pattern that emerges as a result of the desire to merge the physical Reality, Mind, and Spirit.

These are the two primary reasons that the Merkabah takes on the inter-locking triangular structure that it does. You do not have to ‘go’ anywhere, to travel inter-dimensionally because, ‘going’ somewhere implies physical movement.

And physical movement only belongs to the physical dimension. Outside of the physical dimension, ‘travel’ is not necessarily movement or proximity. When it comes to inter-dimensional travel, the process depends on two primary principles – Attention and Intention.

It’s a three-step process. First you set your Intention. Then, you focus your Attention on anything that is related to your Intention. Then, you merge the two by focusing your Intention on whatever desire you’ve come up with.


The Merkabah is a pattern and structure that the human Light Body takes on when one is ready-for or is engaged-in inter-dimensional travel. It just so happens that this particular pattern which we call the Merkabah begins once it’s activated near the Root Chakra.

It then continues outwards like a torus-shape around the body. And that torus shape, then, begins to form the shape of a Star Tetrahedron – the very shape that we call the Merkabah.