Can a Catholic Marry a Seventh-Day Adventist

Sometimes you might not know what to do if you meet someone who practices a religion different from your own. This article will help answer some of those questions by exploring whether or not Catholics can marry Seventh-day Adventists, what they believe differently about God and Jesus Christ, as well as some other important aspects of their faith that may impact whether or not this is the right decision for either party involved in the marriage.

Can a Catholic marry a Seventh-day Adventist?

Catholics and Adventists often ask this question when contemplating a new marriage. The answer depends on the person’s understanding of the belief. If one believes that both religions are equally valid, then they should not have a problem marrying someone from the other religion.

How does one know which religion is right? The answer to that question may be determined by faith. Catholics believe the faith was handed down from Jesus to the apostles, and then through the popes and other church leaders. They also rely on Sacred Scripture as authoritative in matters of faith. Adventists believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. Adventists believe that the pope is the antichrist, and they also do not accept Sacred Tradition. Questions arise about how each religion interprets its respective texts.

These differences are crucial to understanding why Catholics and Adventists may have a problem marrying each other. And by no means does this article intend to disparage anyone of a particular religion.

What do Seventh-day Adventists believe about marriage?

Seventh-day Adventists believe that marriage is a sacred union of one man and one woman. They believe that the Bible requires them to live as separated from the world as possible, including abstaining from alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, or participating in any entertainment such as movies or television programs. As a result, they believe it is best to marry someone who shares their beliefs and lifestyle choices. The Seventh-day Adventist Church encourages its members to choose a spouse who shares their religious beliefs. The Adventists encourage dating among single members and discourages dating among nonmembers or unchurched individuals, believing that it interferes with spiritual growth.

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This is because they do not believe in marriage outside of the church; i.e., they believe that marriage between a Catholic and an Adventist is a sin.

Can Seventh-Day Adventists remarry?

A Seventh-day Adventist person who has been divorced and remarried without the permission of the church, cannot be married in a ceremony again by an Adventist minister. This is because they do not believe in marriage outside of the church.

However, they can remarry outside the church if they wish to do so. If it is a Seventh-day Adventist person who has divorced and wants to marry another Seventh-day Adventist person then there are no restrictions preventing them from doing so.

What do Catholics believe about marriage?

Catholics do not necessarily agree or disagree with the statement that marriage is a “sacred union of one man and one woman.” They see their doctrine as more complex, and therefore the answer to this question may vary depending on whom you ask.

Catholics teach that God instituted holy matrimony for its own sake, for the mutual help of husband and wife, and for the procreation and education of children. They teach that marriage is a natural institution established by God which forms a partnership between one man and one woman based on human love, it’s an intimate communion between persons, not just mere friendship. Further, they acknowledge that Catholics do not have to marry someone who shares the same religious beliefs. This is because the church does not require that Catholics must be married in a Catholic ceremony or by a Catholic priest, but they do recommend it.

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Do Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) believe in saints?

Seventh-day Adventists don’t have their own canonized saints, but they do have a few that are recognized by the Catholic Church.

They also believe that Heaven is open to all, not just Catholics. However, they do not worship these individuals as saints or pray to them as Catholics do with Mary and others. Moreover, there is no official list of accepted SDA saints although various churches have their own lists of favorite people worthy of recognition. Finally, the mere mention of “saint” doesn’t elicit the same feelings as it does for Catholics because Adventists feel that any human being can be called a saint.

What Bible does Seventh-Day Adventist use?

There are two different versions of the Bible that Adventists typically use. The King James Version is one of them and many have been convinced that this is the only version they should read because it is the “true” version of the Bible.

However, some Adventists prefer to avoid using this translation because they believe it contains too many errors. The NIV, or New International Version, is a newer translation of the Bible that was completed in 1973. Many people prefer this version because they believe it reflects more accurately what the original authors were trying to say when these passages were written.

Are Jehovah Witness and Seventh-Day Adventist the same?

There is a misconception that these two religions are one and the same, but they are not! Let’s explore the differences between the two religious groups.

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1. Both groups believe that the Bible is a holy book, but they differ in how it’s to be understood and applied!

2. Jehovah’s Witness believes that the world is ruled by Satan and is constantly at war with God while Adventists believe that good will triumph over evil.

3. They don’t always offer the same organizational structure, services, or beliefs. For example, the Adventist weekly Sabbath service is on Saturday whereas the Jehovah Witnesses’ one is on Sunday.

4. Though their doctrines are similar in some ways, they do differ widely from each other.


This article has explored the differences between Catholicism and Adventism, including how their beliefs differ on marriage. It also revealed some of the discrepancies in Bible translations that can lead to confusion among adherents to each religion.


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