Aramic- Language of Book of Zohar

Aramic- Book of Zohar Language

Aramaic is the root language of the book of Zohar. The Aramaic includes odd linguistic structures, grammar errors, and traces of middle aged Spanish. One of the interesting features of the Zohar is the appearance of invented new words “neologisms” where the book of Zohar reader find himself guessing its meaning. The Zohar’s writer invented … Read more

What Does Jewish Merkabah Means- How To Activate

Jewish Merkabah (Chariot) Mysticism – Activation Definition and Meaning

Merkabah Definition and Meaning The Jewish Merkabah Chariot was thought to be a divine Light-Vehicle which transported people from one dimension to the next. You can think of it as a spiritual ‘spaceship’ of sorts. The Merkabah is counter-rotating fields of light, in the shape of two inter-locked tetrahedral, where one point of the tetrahedra … Read more

Book of Zohar: Introduction, Splendor,Kabbalah,and Enlightenment

The book of Splendor-The Book of Zohar- Introduction by Rav Berg

The Zohar is the basic source of the Kabbalah, was authored two thousand years ago by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai while hiding from the Romans in a cave in Peki’in for 13 years. It was later brought to light by Rabbi Moses de Leon in Spain, and further revealed through the Safed Kabbalists and the … Read more

How to Create The Jewish Golem of Prague Story

How to Create The Golem of Prague Story

The creation of golem stories have survived over time, persisting in written and oral folklore. But it was during time of genocide and war that the story of the golem holds the most significance. In 17th century-Europe terrible events were affecting Jewish communities. The Thirty Years War, the Cossack revolt, and massacres of the Jewish … Read more