Book of Zohar: Introduction, Splendor,Kabbalah,and Enlightenment

The book of Splendor-The Book of Zohar- Introduction by Rav Berg

The Zohar is the basic source of the Kabbalah, was authored two thousand years ago by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai while hiding from the Romans in a cave in Peki’in for 13 years. It was later brought to light by Rabbi Moses de Leon in Spain, and further revealed through the Safed Kabbalists and the … Read more

Jewish Mysticism: Ancient Times Through Today [Explained]

Kabbalah or Cabala for beginners

What is Kabbalah- Intro Kabbalah Definition What is Kabbalah ? Kabbalah is a word that describes the aim of the Kabbalist to attain everything man is capable of, as a thinking being, the highest of all creatures. I would like to provide a concept for hebrew mysticism called Kabbalah (sometimes misspelled as Cabala). It is usually … Read more