3 STEPS to Pray and Fast For a Breakthrough: Complete Guide

When you want to fast and then pray for a breakthrough, you need to meditate on the fasting process and the prayers for yourself.

Please seek the advice of a medical professional, before carrying out a fast. speak the fasting prayers when you fast, and allow the word of God to reach deep into your spirit.

Step 1:How to begin a fast

The first thing to do, is to make a note of the reason for fasting. You’re going to want to keep this note handy so you can keep focus. This reminder should keep you on course to complete the fast. To start keep in mind that there are several types of fasts:

  1. There’s a liquid fast, where you would only drink water.
  2. There’s a juice fast, where you would only drink water and you would drink juice during mealtimes.
  3. There’s a meat fast, where you would only eat fruits and vegetables.
  4. There’s a total fast, where you would fast from both foods and liquids for a certain period of time.

Firstly, please study the Bible regarding fasting. Look up scriptures about the topic and let them reach deep into your spirit. Ask the Lord for wisdom about your fast. Fasting affects your spirit, soul, and body.

Secondly, it is imperative that you seek the advice of a medical professional when it comes to fasting. This is in case there’s anything you need to be made aware of.

Thirdly, I also suggest you look through fasting health information to be brought up to speed on the topic.

The reason I’m recommending these initial steps is for you to acquire knowledge. The more you know the better because it can help avoid injuring yourself.

Before you begin, there’s nothing wrong with letting your family and friends know what you are doing. Other than that, go about your day as you normally would and don’t complain. Remember keep your eyes on the reason you’re fasting.

Step 2: How to pray and start your fast for a breakthrough

Heavenly Father, we gather together and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus. Where two or more gathered there you’ll be in the midst of us and anything we agree upon is touching you will surely do.

The Bible says that if there’s any un forgiveness that it should be dealt with before praying.

Therefore we release any anger, bad feelings, resentment or any other wrong attitude before you now. We laid at your feet and we release and forgive those who have wronged us.

Father in Jesus name, there is no distance in the spirit and we thank you for the listener who desires a prayer to start a fast. They have made the choice to fast. You know the reason why Lord and we ask you for your help in keeping them focused.

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We ask that they would be invigorated and strengthened in their innermost being now in Jesus name. We ask you for wisdom, revelation, and understanding regarding the reason the listener is fasting. we ask you for answers to any and all questions they may have. Helped them to discern your answer for you have promised to generously give them wisdom. we praise your Holy Name, we exalt you father, together we look to you for the answers.

Father, the listener delights themselves in you, and you cause their desires to be agreeable with your will. Lord, not their will, but yours be done.

Praise you, that you hear us when we pray according to your will. We know that we shall have the petitions that we desire of you. glory to God.

Right now, by faith, we receive those answers. Thank you, that you are revealing to the listener what they have asked of you. Thank you, that you are showing them what they need to do and adjust in their life. We magnify you father. You are faithful, and we can rest in your faithfulness.

We believe, and receive everything we prayed, and give you glory in advance for this prayer is answered. In the wonderful and precious name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

  1. Determine your prayer requests: first Peter 4:7 – The end of all things is near therefore be clear minded and sober so you can pray. There needs to be clarity of mind, and soberness up our faculties when we pray.
    The Bible says, we must pray according to the will of God, this is our guide, we must have a clear head so we can approach God with clear requests.
    It may help to put the request on a piece of paper, or type them on your phone so you are absolutely clear on what you are going to ask God for. This isn’t for God, it is for you. You and I can become double minded, unclear and wavering. None of these assurance of answers to our prayers so we need to determine in our minds, what do I want from God.
  2. We need to prepare ourselves physically. Fasting must be done with wisdom, there are known physical benefits to the practice of fasting, but there can be some dangers of doing so.
    Fasting tends to affect the blood sugar levels, bowel movements, and a few other things in the body. As a result I have even personally known people, who has seen their doctors before fasting, and I would advise doing so also.
    There is a lot of material out there that can tell you great ways to prepare your body for fasting, what foods to eat, what foods to avoid and so on.
  3. Prepare yourself spiritually. Isaiah 58, is a revolutionary passage on fasting. Verse three through four calls us to check our inner man when we fast, yet on the day of your fasting you do as you please and exploit all your workers. Your fasting ends and quarreling and strife, and did striking each other with wicked fists. You cannot fast as you do today and expect your voice to be heard on high, there are certain attitudes and behaviors that spring from our spirits, that are not acceptable when we fast.
    In the same way we must leave our gifts at the altar, and pursue the right relation with others before we worship. We must do the same before we fast our spirits must be right.
    Fasting is not about humbling the body and its appetite, it is about humbling the soul and the spirit. Here are things we should do to prepare spiritually before we fast.
    Confession helps to center the spirit and to remove guilt, and first John 1:9 tells us, if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
    I mentioned this before, but I want to highlight it once more make it right with those who did us wrong, and vice versa.
    There are several verses that back this statement up, mark 11:25 States and when you stand to praying if you hold anything against anyone forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.
    Luke 11 for States, forgive us our sins for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. Luke 17 3 through 4 states, if your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them and if they repent forgive them, even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying I repent, you must forgive them.
    If you want to receive a breakthrough and you’re fasting you have to forgive, and seek forgiveness. Allow your spirit to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 5:18, an act that synergizes both body and soul is to offer your bodies, as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to god, this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is his good pleasing and perfect will.
  4. praying in the spirit in meditation. We must always come back to the heart of fasting, which is a heart that is intentionally placed before God. Prayer is not just an occasion, but it is a position of conversation with God.
    The lines of communication must be kept open. If we are going to get the breakthrough we are fasting about, abstaining from food is not enough your breakthrough comes at this point.
    Like Christ told the disciples, I am Telling You you need to fast and pray. In first Thessalonians 5:17 Paul told the church in Fez and Elijah to pray continually. These are some factors that must bolster our fasting.
    It is also a great idea to meditate on the God to whom we pray. It is a soul moving and spirit shaking thing to do, consider his love power faithfulness grace and compassion, have a walk through the Psalms, and fix your mind and heart on who God is.
  5. The more we focus on God, the bigger our faith gets, and then at this moment we must exercise our faith in accordance with Hebrews 11:6.
    If we do everything that is listed, but we do not put our faith in God it is futile and displeasing to God ,and without faith it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists, and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him.
    There is a mighty breakthrough that is awarded to the person who comes before God with clear and sober minds, clearly determined petitions, physically and spiritually prepared to take on the task of fasting. All of that must be wrapped up in sealed in faith. If you have no faith you have no breakthrough, if you have a little faith you have a little breakthrough, if you have a big faith you have a big breakthrough. All of God’s response is a response to our faith to faith, according to your faith, be it unto you.
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Step 3: How to end a fast

Be careful about what you eat to end your fast. Do not eat solid whole Foods. As you’ll discover through your own due diligence, it is best to slowly move into eating solid food.

Soups, or salads are commonly what people have chosen to end a fast. light is right. Some have strategized that the duration of your fast, is how long it will take to step back into eating heavier foods. for example a seven-day water fast means it could take up to seven days before eating solid foods once the fast is ended.