What Are Shabbat Prayers?

The synagogue affords an excellent setting for the Jewish community to gather together to welcome Shabbat with prayers and to reaffirm the covenant with God and with one another.

On the eve of Shabbat, the kabbalat shabbat service welcomes the Sabbath. It is followed by the Sabbath evening, or Ma’ariv service, with additional prayers. In some synagogues, particularly those that practice Reform Judaism, the main Sabbath service may be held on Friday night. Following services, most Reform and Conservative congregations have an oneg shabbat (joy of the Sabbath), where refreshments are available and the congregation has the opportunity to socialize.
On Saturday, Sabbath observances continue with the morning service, which has three parts: Shacharit (morning service), the Torah reading, and Musaf (additional Shabbat prayer service).

Again, following this service there is a Kiddush (a blessing) where wine and perhaps cakes and cookies are served. At this time, families can return home to enjoy the rest of Shabbat.

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