Names of Six orders (Sedarim) of the Mishnah

Here Are The Six Orders/Sedarim

  1. Zera’im (seeds): This seder deals primarily with agricultural laws but also laws of prayer and blessings; it is comprised of eleven masekhtot.
  2. Mo’ed (season): This seder addresses Shabbat and festivals; it includes twelve masekhtot.
  3. Nashim (women): This seder deals with the laws of marriage and divorce; it contains seven masekhtot.
  4. Nezikin (damages): This seder deals with civil law and ethics; it contains ten masekhtot.
  5. Kodashim (holy things): Sacrifices and the Temple are considered in this seder, which includes eleven masekhtot.
  6. Toharot (purities): This seder deals with laws of ritual purity and impurity and contains twelve masekhtot.

Sedarim & Masekhtot Explanation

The Talmud is divided into six sections called sedarim (“orders”), or seder when referring to just one. Each seder contains several books called masekhtot (“tractates”); there are sixty-three masekhtot. Although the respective sedarim (not to be confused with the Passover Seder) seem to address narrow topics, each seder actually contains diverse subjects

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