Three Angels: Messages and Prophecies in Revelation 14

Each day, we’re moving closer and closer to their rival on earth. History is moving, time is moving. With everything going on in the world,. It is as if we could hear them walking even closer and closer in to our world.

We don’t know the identity of these two witnesses, but we do know that they are God’s messengers and they are coming.

Today I want to talk about prophecy that takes place during the tribulation. A prophecy that involves three angels. Angels are God’s messengers. They help to convey God’s message to humans, and they carry out spiritual assignments.

There are several instances in the scriptures were angels were sent by God, to convey messages to men. For instance, the angel Gabriel was sent by God to marry before she conceived Jesus Christ. At the ascension of Jesus Christ, two angels stood beside him and prophesied about his second coming.

Angels are associated with the words of prophecy. The birth of Jesus was prophesied by an angel, and his second coming was also prophesied by angels.

Most of us have heard of the two witnesses that will come during the tribulation. But, have you ever heard of the three angels that will be sent by God. In the book of revelation, john was able to record the prophecy of three angels.

The prophecies of those angels are recorded in revelations 14, verse six to 16. “And they are to be taken into cognizance, so that we can be at watch”. Here we have one of the most awesome scenes in the history of mankind. Angels will be seen by everyone, everyone on Earth, in the corners of all the world, angels will be seen literally flying, preaching on to men.

What a sight, what a moment. We don’t know the identity of these angels, but they are coming. People will be sitting in their homes, looking out of their windows and see these angels. People will be driving in the most remote locations of the world, and we’ll see and hear these angels. People will be in the middle of the sea, but they will see the angels and to hear the gospel.

God will give the choice to all humanity to accept the gospel.  God will warn humanity, God will plead with humanity and that is what these angels will do. Warning humanity, pleading humanity to make the right choice. He is a God that cares. Every day brings us closer to their arrival.

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The prophecy of the first Angel

The first Angel preaches the gospel, warning humanity not to believe the antichrist or take his mark.

Revelations 14 verse six: ”And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, fear God, and to give glory to Him. For the hour of his judgement is come and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters”.

The first Angel was sent by God to preach the everlasting God. To everyone that dwells I know the first Angel calls upon all nations to fear God, give glory to him, and worship him as the creator.

The wonderful thing is that this angel fly around in the heaven close enough to the earth,to be seen and heard by all humanity.

I don’t know how God has this worked out, but the angel will be able to preach the everlasting gospel and communicate with every time. So language won’t be a barrier for this angel.

The first thing we should take notice of is the gospel this angel will come to preach. Is this gospel, the angel will preach different to the gospel we preach now? No, the only difference with the gospel that Angel will preach, and the gospel we preach now, is the fact that he will be able to announce that the hour of God’s judgment has come.

We can only announced that the hour of God’s judgment is coming, or theories and concepts that this is a special gospel given to one specific denomination to preach, are completely false.

The second thing we should take notice of is that the gospel of Christ has eternal value. It then implies that if the gospel has eternal value, then its consequences will also be eternal. Those who accept the gospel will forever live with Christ in eternal bliss, by the consequence of not accepting the gospel is eternity in torment.

The everlasting gospel has everlasting effects and consequences, and that is the reality of the world we live in. We all have an allotted time to accept the everlasting gospel, because we are told clear in the word of God.

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The prophecy of the second Angel

The second Angel preachers, the fall of Babylon. Revelation 14, verse eight: “Aand there followed another angel saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication”.

 After the great flood in the time for Noah, God promised never again to destroy the earth by a flood. Humanity in its disobedience and rebellion against God, disbelieved is the promise of God, and began to build the Tower of Babel, which resulted in confusion.

During the early centuries of the Christian era, compromise between Christianity and paganism led to the development of the Babylonian believers as prophesied in Revelation 13 verse one to 10. In the book of Revelation, Babylon, represented by the woman riding upon a scarlet colored beast, together with her daughters, is a fitting symbol of all apostates professed Christian denominations that have turned away from the law of God.

The prophecy of the second Angel, immediately followed that of the first. The second danger will proclaim the fall of Babylon and re- emphasized it. Any people, or nation who fails to accept the gospel message of the first Angel will inevitably fall.

It is pride, that makes a nation to turn deaf ears to the everlasting gospel, preached by an angel. Although this is a prophecy, yet the angels spoke as if the deed was done. This is so, because whatever God has for ordained to happen, will inevitably find fulfilment.

Babylon is a great nation, no doubt about that. But her greatness will not be able to prevent her from falling in the great day of the Lord. In fact, her greatness will cause her for to be much more remarkable.

No matter how great a nation is, sin will almost effortlessly bring it down. The fall of Babylon echoes the righteous judgment of God over sinful practices. In essence, this angel will announce the fall of literal Babylon, which will be destroyed under the seventh vital.

The prophecy of the third angel

The prophecy of the third angel followed immediately after the first and the second Angel prophecy. The prophecy of the third angel is that of warning against the worship of the Antichrist. There is an inevitable divine wrath that would come upon as many who choose to promote the interest, and the image of that awful beast, which parades itself as the Antichrist.

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The beast will have an identity, and the third angel sounded allowed warning not to receive his mark. The marks will be given either on the foreheads, or on the right hands of those who worship the beast.

No one would claim to be ignorant of not knowing the danger of receiving the mark of the beast, as the word of God gives us a prior warning.

God does everything he can to warn people, but he does not impose himself on anyone. The third angel will fly in the heavens, warning all of humanity in the kingdom of the Antichrist, that if they do, take the mark, the name, or the number of the name of the beast and worship him, they will seal their own doom and be eternally destined to go to the same place, that the Antichrist and the devil would dwell for eternity.

Revelations 14 verse 12, gives a consolation to as many who have pitched their tents with Christ, and have chosen his path. “Here is the patience of the saints. Here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus”. While the rebellion of others will receive an eternal punishment, the patience of believers who have remained faithful, shall be greatly rewarded.

We that our faithful and patient in our walk with God, may walk in the paths of loneliness and seclusion on Earth. However, our patients will lead us into eternal bliss.

There is a heavenly reward for patience. God is not unjust to forget our sacrifices, and all that we have forfeited on earth, in order to lay hold on eternity.

The prophecy of the three angels is a wake up call for the believers, to ensure that they are always on guard, patiently waiting for the return of the Lord.

Heaven is surely worth of all the sufferings and trials that we enjoy. While the rebellious will have themselves to blame, believers will ever rejoice in the presence of God. Eternity is too long for anyone to make light of, we must enjoy to the end, in order to be crowned.